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Ideas a game not make

May 12, 2007

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I remember playing the game Bloodrayne years ago, finding it to be a wonderful idea but executed in the most abysmal of ways.  Lackluster controls, graphics barely on par with contemporaries and enemies that don’t seem to shift or change.  I give a great deal of games a chance based entirely upon concept.  Many succeed but there are a few here or there that fall by the side leaving a grisly taste in ones mouth.

Bullet Witch by design and concept should have been a very entertaining game.  In the year 2013 a desperate fight is occurring between humankind and demon.  Plague and demonic forces have almost entirely eradicated our race.  Alicia is a witch, with a very large and intimidating gun.  She runs around this post-apocalyptic world, buildings decimated, crumbling, fighting off those demons that stand in her way.  As well as the gun as big as her she has an array of magical abilities that come in handy as the tale progresses.  By definition this game should rule in so many facets they are incalculable.

It doesn’t, at all.

It reminds me at times of old 8-bit games, not for fun, but out of similarity of enemies.  Back in the old days of gaming the same sprite had to be used over and over again.  It was necessary in order to fit so much on so little.  These days it’s not necessary and most game makers try to vary up their enemies even by a small amount.  Size is a good way, making one enemy look merely and inch or two shorter.  Not in this game.  You see that demon over there?  You are going to see THAT EXACT SAME ONE throughout the game.

The controls aren’t as badly constructed as a few other third/first person shooters, but it definitely suffers from camera problems and issues hitting a target.  After a short period of time you will find yourself annoyed at the simplicity of the game.  At the pointlessness of it.  There is NO challenge to this game.  Sitting on your favorite chair/couch/bed and watching a hot chick blow shit up gets tired after a while when the controls suffer like this.

The graphics in the game aren’t bad, they are actually reasonable.  The problem is not that the graphics are poor, but that so much time was taken to make Alicia look good and every other creature and character not so much.  They do resemble essentially last gen’s end of days with a tad of polish, but after Gears of War we need a bit more than that.  With the previous problems already weighing in over our heads the so-so graphics become more apparent.

The one good piece of enjoyment from the game is the magical abilities and the destructible environment.  When these two pieces are put together at the right time the feeling and sight is awesome.  Even just blowing things up with the gun (not the bad guys anyways) can be further entertainment if you just wish to destroy that gas station over there.  But, even this gets old and moments that accentuate these possibilities are few and far between.

Here we have a possibility, a new series similar to Devil May Cry, taken in a different direction and with a hot chick and a huge gun (I like to refer to it as the Squaresoft rule, despite size and stature massive weapons can be effectively used).  What we are given is a game with okay graphics, repetitive scenarios/enemies and controls that diminish the value.  I would only hope they make a sequel to see this game done right.  I suspect, though, if they were to do one it wouldn’t be any better.


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deleteduser 7/2/2007 1:39:03 PM
I ended up eventually getting all 1000 achievement points in the game.


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