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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Final Trailer

Last one before the debut

By Robert T. Trate     March 19, 2014
Source: Sony Pictures

Dark days ahead for the Spider-Man movie franchise.
© Marvel Comics
Here is the final trailer for Marc Webb’s the Amazing Spider-Man 2. There is a lot of new footage here, including more of the Rhino! Sound off below Maniac! There is still over a month to go for the film. 

Synopsis: Peter Parker continues to struggle with balancing his life as a high school student, and his responsibilities as Spider-Man. When Peter begins to investigate more about his father's past, thanks to the help of his friend Harry Osborn, he begins to realize that the new threats of Electro and the Rhino all have one thing in common: OsCorp.
The Amazing Sider-Man 2 features Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan, Colm Feore, Paul Giamatti, Sally Field, Chris Cooper, B.J. Novak, Martin Sheen, Chris Zylka, and Frank Deal. 
The Amazing Sider-Man 2 arrives May 2, 2014. 
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Wiseguy 3/19/2014 9:10:30 AM

Man I love it. That shit looks better every time.

Eldogg42 3/19/2014 9:35:27 AM

Well, now we've seen every single footage of the Rhino.  Looks good though.  I hope this is good.

Higgy 3/19/2014 11:26:23 AM

I do web design...WOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOooo...too funny.

Not sure I like Rhino with all the missiles and machine guns.  It's weird.

xJokersxWildx 3/19/2014 11:50:01 AM

Still not feeling the goblin outfit. Why can't they just do something simliar to the comics. They could make him wicked. Just looks stupid with the blonde hairdo.

aegrant 3/19/2014 1:24:13 PM

 Already on my calendar

violator14 3/19/2014 1:42:07 PM

 OH MY GOSH!!! The web swinging is so epic! This is the Spidey movie ive been waiting for damnit!

Wiseguy 3/19/2014 5:08:36 PM

I'm starting to believe that the Goblin won't be the true Green Goblin and that Chriss Cooper will turn into Ultimate GG in part 3.

ActionMovieGod 3/19/2014 6:39:46 PM

Gotta admit this looks pretty freaking Epic!

Phantom44 3/19/2014 8:12:18 PM

man i'm so not excited for this... i thought the web swinging in the first amazing spiderman was perfect, he actually looked like he was swinging and would hit the iconic poses from the comics... i watch this trailer and it looks like he's just flying through the city...

and why, why, why would they decide that the green goblin should have another mechanical suit like harry osborn in raimi's spiderman 3?  talk about the perfect opportunity to come up with something new completely wasted...

btw, does this costume give a cosplay vibe to anyone else?  it's shiny like actual spandex and the fact that you can see the seams along his thigh make the costume look cheap...

jonniej1017 3/19/2014 11:27:06 PM

AGREE  AGREER AGREE wit you guys!!!  Webbin' aint easy.. this looks better and better, i just dont want to see any more trailers.. i can not wait to see this in the movies. I wish we could all see it together.. i need to see these movies with some real spidey fans!!!   its goin to be non-stop action.. even the talking scenes will lead to another action scene.. it should b epic and start the summer off right!!!

3D or no??

Did Harry Osborn say "its been 10 years"???  They are saying its ten years since high school??  huh??  

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