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keithdaniel 5/15/2012 12:52:17 PM

Wise, as far as this version of Batman is concerned you may be right.  The Nolan Batman series does in general play to a somewhat older audience as it's presented.  However, this Spiderman is a bit darker than the Raimi version so I wouldn't bet on it entirely over TDKR.  Even if TDKR doesn't do the BO of Avengers that doesn't necessarily mean that it's a better movie, because the former may end up with the better story than the latter, even though the latter movie may likely have better action scenes and "wow" audiences more with that.

Tallman, what the hell happened to that awesome Bigfoot avatar you had sported before?  If you don't mind my saying (even though the new one is good), you should've kept the Bigfoot avatar!!

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