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Bryzarro 1/18/2012 6:33:42 AM

 LOL!!  New comic readers.  Listen i've been collecting since 5 and i'm 34 now.  I've watched the comic hit it's peak, drop and come back slowly.  In the age of digial media and everything it doesn't matter how many millions watch TWD it won't draw in new readers to the comic industry.  At best DC did that for a short time with their re-launch but i'm not getting into that debate.

IMO and really just my opinion I would say that in spite of the changes the fact that viewership is on the rise actually counters what you are saying.  they are watching the show.  They are enjoying the show.  I do find that the stories are much slower this season but they aren't making the show for just the comic readers.  If so they would be limiting their audience.  They have tailored the show to grab that large market of people who know of Zombies from the Night of the Living Dead and 28 Days genere and introducing it in a way that they can understand that it will be a continuing series.  

Shane was supposed to be dead and Darryl never existed.  But those two changes alone are one major factor that to me has made this series so watchable.  I only knew the Shane from the books but in all honesty I wish I had seen more of him.  I didn't like him then and now his role has been expanded I absoluley hate him even more.  And that is a hook for me.  Anyways from my point of view there is no act to get toghether other than to maybe not drag out plot points too long.  Because again I can pretty much guess that for the 20% who know of the comics/Graphic novels they are more worried about the 80% who watched because of curiosity and want to keep them.

HordeSpankah 1/23/2012 8:51:29 PM

Ive been reading the comic for years, when I found out they were making a TV show about my beloved comic I was thrilled! The first season was amazing, close enough to the comic to be TWD, but different enought to be exciting and interesting, but now they are deviating from the comics so much that Im starting to hate the characters I loved, and then leave out important characters from the book and replace them with randoms (dont get me wrong I like Daryl, he was a great addition) who I just assumed were fodder, but come on, wheres Tyrese, Donna, the twins...etc?!?

Also, my other complaint is the this rate it will take seven seasons to get throught the prison and Govenor arcs, and what happened to Wiltshire Estates!? I wanted to see that so bad, that would have been a great episode or ten.

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