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Based on Neil Gaiman's Book

By Robert T. Trate     July 01, 2014
Source: STARZ


The series based on Neil Gaiman’s popular book “American Gods” is only in development. However, with names like Bryan Fuller and Michael Green attached, can we put in a request to hurry up? STARZ has issued an official press release on the development of their new series. Now we have to do the hard part Maniacs, wait. 

Press Release: Starz has announced a script to series development of FremantleMedia North America’s (FMNA) adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed urban fantasy novel “American Gods.”  The pilot script will be penned by Bryan Fuller (“Hannibal,” “Pushing Daisies,” “Heroes”) and Michael Green (“The River,” “Kings,” “Heroes”), who will also showrun the series. They will executive produce along with Gaiman. FremantleMedia North America will produce the series.

Starz Managing Director Carmi Zlotnik said, “‘American Gods’ is a project that deserves to be made.  With our partners at FremantleMedia and with Bryan, Michael and Neil, we believe we can create a series that honors the book and does right by the fans and viewers.”

Commented Neil Gaiman, "When you create something like ‘American Gods,’ which attracts fans and obsessives and people who tattoo quotes from it on themselves or each other, and who all, tattooed or not, just care about it deeply, it's really important to pick your team carefully: you don't want to let the fans down, or the people who care and have been casting it online since the dawn of recorded history. What I love most about the team who I trust to take it out to the world, is that they are the same kind of fanatics that ’American Gods’ has attracted since the start. I haven't actually checked Bryan Fuller or Michael Green for quote tattoos, but I would not be surprised if they have them. The people at Fremantle are the kinds of people who have copies of ‘American Gods in the bottom of their backpacks after going around the world, and who press them on their friends. And the team at Starz have been quite certain that they wanted to give Shadow, Wednesday and Laura a home since they first heard that the book was out there.I can't wait to see what they do to bring the story to the widest possible audience able to cope with it."

Thom Beers, CEO, FremantleMedia North America said, “’Neil Gaiman’s ‘American Gods’ is pure genius and we couldn’t be more thrilled to bring this classic to life on screen. Craig Cegielski and Stefanie Berk have put together a dream team with Fuller and Green joining Gaiman on this amazing journey. Coupled with Starz’ shared passion for this project, we’re confident this combination will raise the bar for drama.”

Commented Bryan Fuller, "Neil Gaiman has created the holiest of holy toy boxes with ‘American Gods’ and filled it with all manner of magical thing, born of new gods and old. Michael Green and I are thrilled to crack this toy box wide open and unleash the fantastical titans of heaven and earth and Neil's vividly prolific imagination."

The 2001 novel has been translated into over 30 languages and earned numerous accolades including Hugo, Nebula and Bram Stoker Awards for Best Novel.  The plot posits a war brewing between old and new gods: the traditional gods of biblical and mythological roots from around the world steadily losing believers to an upstart pantheon of gods reflecting society’s modern love of money, technology, media, celebrity and drugs.  Its protagonist, Shadow Moon, is an ex-con who becomes bodyguard and traveling partner to Mr. Wednesday, a conman but in reality one of the older gods, on a cross-country mission to gather his forces in preparation to battle the new deities.  

FremantleMedia North America’s Thom Beers, Craig Cegielski and Stefanie Berk will executive produce the series along with Bryan Fuller, Michael Green and Neil Gaiman. Vice President of Original Programming Ken Segna will be the Starz executive in charge of “American Gods.” Starz will retain all network pay TV and SVOD rights to the project. FremantleMedia will distribute the series worldwide.

“American Gods” is part of the rich scripted slate that has been growing at FremantleMedia North America since CEO Thom Beers appointed Craig Cegielski as Executive Vice President, Scripted Programming, and Stefanie Berk, Senior Vice President, Scripted Programming in June 2013.  The company is currently in production on their cable scripted series, “The Returned.”

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ElBaz13 7/2/2014 4:27:08 AM

Ok, so what's it about?

rogue188 7/2/2014 5:25:44 AM

Man, I hope they get this right. This is Gaiman's best outside of the Sandman, and its my favorite book by him.

mikemc2 7/2/2014 7:11:21 AM

Never read the book but after reading this looked up the plot summary (Thank you internets).  Seems really interesting.  Kindof American tale meets Mythology (Gods).

monkeyfoot 7/2/2014 8:12:56 AM

This is another one of those classic books I haven't read. Maybe I will before the series starts. But then I'd be in that fan position of What? They changed this and that and that!?! They skipped that!?! They added that!?!? This isn't the way I wanted it to be!!!!

Sanity 7/2/2014 8:26:34 AM

 monkeyfoot...I don't have a clue what kinds of books you really like and would label as classic...but in my opinion American Gods fell pretty damn short of that status.  It felt and read very much like the author was somewhere between an amature and a low level professional.  I expected more after I read some reviews.  But then again millions of people love that Twilight shit too.  I read this and Neverwhere and I was pretty disappointed.  Maybe it'll be better on TV though.

aegrant 7/2/2014 9:52:07 AM

 Never read the book but i just ordered it from the library this weekend so i guess I'll be able to say THEY CHANGED THAT- with monkeyfoot. (probably not since i don't have Starz)

@Sanity - you echo some of the reviews that I have read about the book so I'm not going in with high expectations.


rogue188 7/2/2014 9:56:46 AM

Sanity: I wouldn't say its a classic, but it sure as hell beats anything like Twilight. I don't know what you consider good, but your bar is raised pretty high. I thought American Gods, and to a lesser extent Neverwhere, were very creative and different than your standard modern fantasy novels. Of course its no Game of Thrones, but definitely worth the read.

blankczech 7/2/2014 8:35:16 PM

 Gaiman is not an amateur.  He's not Philip Roth either.  He got his start writing comic books and graphic novels.  His novels are characterized as fairy tales for adults.  American Gods is his bestselling book but The Ocean at the End of the Lane is arguably his most critically acclaimed work. He's won the Hugo, Nebula and Bram Stoker awards and the Newbery and Carnegie Medals.  Many love his work...others don't.  Comparing Gaiman to GRRM is like comparing apples to oranges, you may like both, like neither, or like one more than the other but you can't make a blanket statement that one is better than the other (that's a personal choice).  I don't particularly care for fantasy or adult fairy tales...and when it comes to Premium Channel TV Series I'd probably pick The Wire, Sopranos or Deadwood over this new Starz show or Game of Thrones...but nevertheless I watch every episode of GoT and I'm sure I'll also check out American Gods.

Deadfox 7/6/2014 3:26:57 PM

 The book was alright.  I don't really understand all the attention it gets.



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