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American Horror Story: Coven Teaser Trailer

only 18 seconds

By Robert T. Trate     August 07, 2013
Source: Entertainment Weekly

Here is the new 18 second trailer for the third season of FX’s American Horror Story. This season is titled: American Horror Story: Coven.This teaser trailer is being labeled: “Detention”. 

Synopsis: “The FX miniseries has already taken viewers through a haunted house and an asylum, and the next stop on the horror bus is New Orleans. Zooming in on a major face-off between witches of Salem and voodoo practitioners, the third season will explore both present-day characters of the show and real historical figures of New Orleans back in the 1830s. Kathy Bates has joined the show as historical serial killer Marie Delphine LaLaurie, alongside other new stars, including Emma Roberts, Gabourey Sidibe, and Denis O’Hare”.

American Horror Story: Coven arrives this October. 


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