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Amon Saga

Amon - a young man on a desperate quest to avenge the death of his mother. When his hunt leads him to the castle of the Emperor Valhiss, Amon must endure the perils of initiation and join the ranks of the Imperial army in order to gain an opportunity to take his revenge...

But once within the heart of the fortified city, Amon unexpectedly encounters the princess Lichia - the sultry daughter of King Darai Sem. It seems the Emperor hopes to exchange the princess for a map in the King's possession. But what is the Emperor's ultimate goal?

Amon Saga Reviews

Region 1 - North America

Amon Saga by Manga Entertainment

Region 2 - Japan/Europe

Amon: Apocalypse of DevilMan by Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.

Region 4 - Australia

Amon Saga by Madman Entertainment