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Anarchy Reigns at Harris Comics!

Own a piece of original art from VAMPI artist Kevin Lau

By Arnold T. Blumberg     July 06, 2001
Source: Harris Comics

Cover art to VAMPI #10
© 2001 Harris Comics
Harris Comics made a big splash months back when they cancelled the original VAMPIRELLA and introduced a revamped Vampi, an animé-inspired 21st century heroine drawn by Kevin Lau. Now, Anarchy Studios has been formed, and to celebrate the launch of the official website (, Lau is giving away his original cover artwork for the first issue to be released under the Anarchy Studios imprint VAMPI #10.

"I'm incredibly excited by the unlimited potential of Anarchy Studios, and I want the fans to share in the excitement," says Lau. " is designed to redefine what a comic site is, and with my original cover artwork for the taking, this site will turn heads right from the start."

"There's a lot more to this new site launch than just this historic contest," says Anarchy Studios Editor-In-Chief David Bogart. "There's also an in-depth preview of VAMPI DIGITAL, complete with its own slide show. And if that's not enough, fans can now download a totally-free, all-new VAMPI screensaver right off the site."

There's plenty of additional Vampi-related excitement to come, as Harris Comics also plans to reintroduce the one and only original Vampirella in a new monthly series. Keep checking CINESCAPE ONLINE for more coverage of Harris Comics' upcoming projects.


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