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Anderson's LIVING/DEAD to Lens Next Year?


By Rob M. Worley     October 29, 2009
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Director Brad Anderson's 'The Living and the Dead' to lens next year? Plus: Loads of 'Smallville' news. More 'Thor' casting. 'Bad Kids go to Hell' film in the works and more! There is no substitute...for your Comics2Film 9.10.29!




With season 9 of 'Smallville' in full-swing and getting good marks from the fans, the makers of the show are blitzing the media with previews, interviews and the like. Here's a round up of recent reports:

Photos of Jor-El from the "Kandor" episode can be found right here on Mania. We posted 16 images from the show for your viewing enjoyment.

Meanwhile, comics great Geoff Johns has been tweeting some more about his "Society" episode, which features the Justice Society of America, composed of Stargirl, Hawkman and Doctor Fate. It's that last character that has Johns excited this week.

Johns enthused on his Twitter feed: "Doctor Fate looks kick ass!

And then he elaborated saying, "Doctor Fate's look is beyond accurate. The Vancouver crew is unbelievably spectacular. You will not believe the lengths they are going to!!"

Meanwhile, TV Guide chatted with the show's executive producer Kelly Souders about the current season. She warns fans that not everything about Zod and the Kandorians has beenrevealed.

"There's a little secret about Zod and the Kandorians: They're not exactly the way you think they are; that has a great deal to do with how the mythos would play out. In Episode 7, which is called 'Kandor,'" Soulders said. "A lot of their backstory comes to light and it sheds a huge light on them here presently."

But what about the classic Superman look? Right now Clark is flying around in a post-Matrix getup. Soulders addressed that question on the Mega Buzz column, also on TV Guide.

"He isn't quite done with his suit yet," she said. "This whole season is the alter ego before he starts transforming into the [Superman] that we all know."

She also cues fans to watch for a "flirting moment  with a pair of glasses" for Clark.

Not to be outdone, also chatted with Soulders who says that 'Smallville may live on after season 9.

"We are really, really pushing for season 10," she told EW. "We really hope it happens."

And it may happen. Remember, many were saying that season 8 would be the last for the show.

"It’s something that we faced last year, too," she says. "To try and break two different endings for a season kind of puts you at cross-purposes a little bit. For one, you’ll rev things up, and for another, you’re trying to bring everything to the finish line. But we’re really planning on breaking a season finale and not a series finale."

Thanks to CaptainSigma and Matador for the submission.



THE CROW: 15 Years Of Devil's Night - Part 3

MTV Splash Page continues their series with a segment focusing on the legendary "Skull Cowboy"!



TRANSFORMERS 2 Best Selling Title of 2009

Home Media Magazine is reporting that 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' is now the best-selling title of 2009 after its first week of release.

The autobot explosion-fest moved 7.5 million unites in week one, with 1.2 million being Blu-Ray editions. 2 million of the sales happened on the first day and 1 out of every four of those were Blu-Ray.

Thanks to Matador for the submission.



Cover art for BAD KIDS GO TO HELL


We've heard very little about the Antarctic Press title 'Bad Kids go to Hell' but apparently it's in development as a feature film.

The book was created by Matt Spradlin who co-created a show called 'True Believer' for SyFy (although it looks as if that show never got off the ground). The comic was illustrated by Anthony Vargas. Press hype for the comic called it "The Breakfast Club meets The Grudge" as six snooty prep school kids in Saturday detention accidentally summon a demon who was entombed in the ground long before the school was built.

This week, the makers of the comic have sent out messages to fans telling them there is a live-action movie in the works. They're holding a promo asking fans to cast the film. If you want to play along you can direct your browser to and submit your casting suggestions.

What's that you say? How can you cast the film if you haven't read the comic yet? Well, you're in luck because the collected trade paperback edition is due out this December.



ASTRO BOY Underwhelms in Japan, Kills in China

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the recent CGI adaptation of the manga 'Astro Boy' isn't faring so well in the land of its birth. The movie banked a disappointing $328,457 in its first week in Japanese theaters, making it the bottom-ranked movie. The top film netted $4 million, playing on just 100 more screens.

However, the film is doing better in China, where it set records for an opening film. It rang up sales of about $5.9 million and toppled the previous champ 'Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs'.



LUCKY LUKE Review, Box Office

Meanwhile, the comic adaptation 'Lucky Luke' is scoring well with French audiences. Cinefeed ranks it the #1 movie last week.

Variety also turned in a review of the film. They write: "With a barrage of colorful f/x, flamboyant performances and outlandish sets, Gallic oater 'Lucky Luke' is about as close to a traditional Western as Paris is to Dodge City. Still, helmer James Huth's campy adaptation of the legendary Belgian comics occasionally captivates with its nonstop wisecracking and visual gimmickry, somewhere between a WB cartoon and the baroque wild west of Sergio Leone. Abetted by 'OSS 117' star Jean Dujardin's amusingly literal turn as 'the man who's quicker than his own shadow,' the pic should earn quick but moderate gold in Francophone territories before galloping toward a safe horizon of ancillary returns."

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



Rollman Talks Marvel Animation

Newsarama has an in-depth interview with Marvel Animation president Eric Rollman. Rollman is typically cagy about giving away too much about future projects, but does admit that fans can look for an "Age of Apocalypse" arc in the upcoming season.

"That’s the plan, so I hear," he told Newsarama, coyly. "There were endless meetings deciding what would make a great story and what wouldn’t, limitations on budgets and timelines. Remember, everything you write has to be created, so you have to be efficient about what you are doing. You try to not to create everything new with every new episode. That is where the rubber hits the road. Do we have to do a new location? Do we have to introduce a new character? You have to balance the time and money to do that."

Click through for a complete interview.



More THOR Casting?

Spoiler TV has info on the latest role being cast for 'Thor'. They've laid hands on another casting side, this time for a character named "Isabel Alvarez".

Here's what filmmakers are looking for:

50's/60's A sweet small town gal who has lived her whole life in the same little town where she grew up. She's faced plenty of ups and downs in her many years but has everything she's ever wanted or needed in the small slice of Americana, family, friends and the best little restaurant in town.

Thanks to Matador for the submission.



Brad Anderson's THE LIVING AND THE DEAD To Film Next Year?

At the top of the month, when we broke the news that chiller director Brad Anderson was set to adapt the graphic novel 'The Living and the Dead', it was unclear as to when the movie might film. See, Anderson is currently in production on 'Vanishing on 7th Street' with Hayden Christensen. That caused us to speculate that maybe production on the period horror piece by Robert Tinnell and Todd Livingston was a ways off.

Not necessarily says Stephen L'Heureux of Solipsist Films, who is producing the project with Cary Brokaw.

Comics2Film at spoke exclusively with L'Heureux, a producer who has a knack for seeking out little-known comics material. This graphic novel definitely fits the bill. It was initially published through the now-defunct Speakeasy Comics and had a low circulation. However, the producer managed to find one.


"I'm a real comic aficionado. Wherever I go I find hotels near comic book stores and like to browse stores that have obscure stuff," he told us. "I think I bought it a comic book store in Lowell, MA."

He then met Robert Tinnell through an association with line producer Jeffrey Tinnell, Robert's brother. They immediately got to talking about the book.

"It's a story that I loved. I'm a fan of old Hammer films and it just resonated with me," L'Heureux said. He adds that 'Living and the Dead' is a hot project for his shingle.

"Robert and Todd are making some tweaks to the script. Brad will be done [with 'Vanishing'] by after Thanksgiving," L'Heureux told Comics2Film exclusively. "We've got 'Sin City' next year. That's at the end of next year. So if everything aligns perfectly we could go in the second quarter next year or late 2010."

The producer tells us that interest in the book as a film is very high. "A lot of people are trying to get their hands on the script, which we haven't given out to anyone yet," he said, adding that the plan is to go out with it after Anderson has wrapped 'Vanisihing' "Then we're going to start to see who and where we'll set it up. We have some pretty big actors who are circling the project right now."

Watch for more on 'The Living and the Dead' right here on as it develops.


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ponyboy76 10/29/2009 8:56:31 AM

With that Thor casting, it kind of made me thnk of what's been going on now, with him starting anew in Oklahoma. I wonder if they are going to use any of that stuff in the movie.

I don't know how the ratings for Smallville this season have been but if they are decent, the CW will probably renew it, which means we'd have to wait longer for him to become who he is supposed to become. They'll drag it out. I say, let everything come about this season and have an awesome 2 hour series finale ala Angel.

Darkknight2280 10/29/2009 9:03:37 AM

Transformers 2...#1 DVD/Blu-ray of 2009..well looks like plenty love that movie enough to want to watch it at home! Although i havent bought it myself yet i plan on buying it on blu-ray. More looking forward to STAR TREK , TERMINATOR SALVATION and THE HANGOVER.

KillerTomato 10/29/2009 9:45:48 AM

Angel didn't have a 2 hour series finale, they had a forced finale, as far as they knew they had been picked up for a new season, they were shocked when they got a call saying to wrap up production...

TKay42one 10/29/2009 10:38:29 AM

Darkknight, a buddy posted a youtube video on my MySpace page last night of one of the deleted scenes from the Star Trek could probably go to youtube and do a search for Star Trek deleted was Nero on Rura Pente being interrogated.

Darkknight2280 10/29/2009 10:57:50 AM

yeah i saw that scene on the SCREAM awards the other night. They played it on there. Was a pretty sweet scene, hope there ar emore deleted scenes to be seen on the DVD :) Good looking out TKAY! :)

littlemikey979 10/29/2009 12:07:12 PM

Me and my girlfriend finally RedBoxed Transformers the other night. That was the first movie to ever give me a headache. It was just too much, half the time we were asking who was fighting who. Especially during the desert battle. the twins were pretty cool and the constructs. looked pretty sweet. If/when part three happens, leave the parents and Ms. Fox on the cutting room floor and slow the freakin movie down.

TKay42one 10/29/2009 2:44:12 PM

From what I hear, littlemikey, there were times when not even Mr. Bay was sure who was fighting  shac was pointing out a bunch of mistakes from both movies and links to interviews where he gave REALLY lame excuses for them.



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