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Andre Braugher to play general in FANTASTIC FOUR sequel

By Karl Schneider     August 25, 2006
Source: Blackfilm

Andre Braugher
© Andre Braugher
According to, Andre Braugher has left an episodic role on the TV show ER so he can play a part in the upcoming sequel FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER.

Braugher will be playing the role of a military general in the sequel.

The film will be directed by Tim Story, filming is expected to get underway on August 31, 2006.


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madmanic999 8/25/2006 4:44:15 AM
I never thought of that ponyboy, but it could happen "and would suck". I'm not sure but I think shield is seperate from the military though.
dax0761 8/25/2006 8:12:21 AM
love this guy!! I AM SERIOUS!! But he blew off a killer role on ER to do this comic book movie. I hope its worth it Andre!! Bye Bye Emmy hello shlockie comic book movie! Maybe it will be worth 10 bucks to see the greatest tv actor ever.
darth48076 8/25/2006 8:12:21 AM
let me ask why it would suck?? If it has anything to do with His skin color. Fury is black In the Ultimate Marvel universe. Now if it has nothing to do with race, then it does suck if he was Fury, because of his acting talent.. hes a good actor, I'll give him that.. however I cant see that guy playing Fury. What am I saying? If "the Hoff" can pull of playing Fury, then any body can right? :( But like you to said.. I hope its not Fury.. I'm already mad we wont see galaticus (MAYBE till the end of the movie) and the FF movie already rubbed me wrong with how they went with DOOM (my favorite Marvel villain).....
fft5305 8/25/2006 9:33:38 AM
#7, it probably repeated that because the posting system agrees with you that he's a good actor. I think having anyone as Fury would suck for the FF film, because he just doesn't belong here. This movie's universe is different than Daredevil's and the Punisher's. Fury would be more at home in that style of movie - gritty and violent. FF is more lighthearted & fun. Like Spider-Man without the emotional depth.
georgekaplan 8/25/2006 9:45:35 AM
Braugher was going to be on ER? Does this mean FX's "Thief" got canceled? I only saw the first couple episodes and enjoyed it. Braugher is a great actor.
hanso 8/25/2006 11:46:41 AM
Why are the recruiting FX guys to join this sad little crappy franchise? Can't wait for Denis Leary to appear in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Hate-Monger.
shadowspawn8 8/25/2006 11:49:02 AM
If only Clint Eastwood was a decade or 2 younger....
hanso 8/25/2006 11:51:01 AM
oh and one more thing. Dark Knight in 08 baby!
hanso 8/25/2006 11:51:54 AM
Dietvanilla my friend. Hate Monger is a comic book villain of the fantastic four.
hanso 8/25/2006 11:55:42 AM
I didnt say Leary would be cast as the Hate Monger but that he would be in the movie since they already got Chiklis, McMahon and Braugher in these films. If you like better the movie can be called: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Mole Man.
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