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Andy Serkis Talks Gollum

It's more than just voice work for the RINGS baddie.

By Frank Kurtz     July 03, 2001
Source: Empire Online

Effects test for a troll in THE LORD OF THE RINGS
© New Line Cinemas

Andy Serkis has been talking, briefly, about playing the role of Gollum in the coming LORD OF THE RINGS film trilogy. While chatting with the Highbury and Islington Express newspaper, the actor spoke of one of the saga's most important roles, saying, "[Gollum's] an amazing role. The way we've done it is to use a combination of animation and motion capture... so I get to do the voice and physicality of the part."

Regarding his intepretation of the part, Serkis says that he is playing Gollum as a "ring junkie, complete with withdrawal symptoms." Serkis adds, "When you are playing such an extreme character, you have to root it in something the audience can identify with."


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