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Angel Beats! Licensed By Sentai Filmworks

By Chris Beveridge     March 25, 2011

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Sentai Filmworks today announced its acquisition of Japan’s white-hot anime series, ANGEL BEATS.  A multi-media mega-franchise with two manga, a series of illustrated short stories and two internet radio shows, each new volume of ANGEL BEATS has consistently ranked in the top three nationwide bestselling Blu-Ray releases in Japan.  Now the series is coming to the U.S. on both DVD and Blu-Ray.  Both releases will include an all new English dub, with the first episodes of the dub set to premiere at Anime Boston.
Synopsis: It sucks being dead. Sucks even more to be trapped in a surreal afterlife where you’re caught between the living and the dead—where a mysterious, violent Angel is trying to pull you over to…somewhere. What do you do? Well, if you’re this group of rough-and-tumble teens, you grab every weapon you can get your hands on and give Heaven hell! High-caliber action and locked-and-loaded comedy meet on a rock and roll battleground in Angel Beats!

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insaneben 3/25/2011 1:24:35 PM

I reacted to the news the same way I reacted to the final play of the Redskins/Cowboys game from week 1 in 2010:

"No! YES!!!"

I would've bet money on Bandai snatching up the license- good thing I didn't.

Now comes the big question: half or whole-series set? And will it include the extra episodes? Stay tuned... (I know I sure will.)

CGLOVER 3/25/2011 2:28:36 PM


Finally! This is the show I've most wanted to be licensed for months now!! I think it's a fantastic show and I'll definitely be getting it on Blu-ray!

Funny, this will be the first time I've ever bought anything from Sentai Filmworks, so I have no clue how high-quality their releases are. I hope they're good, but in the end just the fact that this is coming out of Blu-ray is great for me! It's just made my day!

Calibur454 3/26/2011 7:02:10 AM

cglover im sure you know by now but high school of the dead is a sentai title- with an english dub. It has a june release date. If i remember right you were pretty interested in this title. I may be thinking of someone else though

I'll have to check out an episode or two online of this. I have never heard of it before but it does sound good

ScrappedAeon 3/26/2011 3:35:28 PM

I'm very happy Sentai is dubbing it, hopefully they'll dub the music too.  If Bandai would have dubbed it I seriously doubt they would have done the muisc.

METR0lD 3/26/2011 5:20:21 PM

 Day 1 purchase for sure. Dub BluRay = instant purchase

CGLOVER 3/28/2011 12:18:13 PM

Calibur454, I'm afraid you've been misinformed.  I currently have no interest and will never have any interest in buying a title as mediocre as High School of the Dead.

lilly938 4/3/2011 3:05:16 AM

Hell yeah! this is a definite pre-order for the BD! Now Sentai, please, PLEASE dub the songs, they would sound great in english (well, at least if the translations are anything to go by).

*gets on hands and knees* and if you can, get Melissa Fahn (Ed from Cowboy Bebop, Rika from Digimon Tamers) as Yui (she can sing! u/s for Glinda for Wicked!!! and she would fit her to a T), and either Kate Higgins (C.C. from Code Geass, Saber from Fate/Stay Night) or Christine Auten (Sakaki from Azumanga, Teresa from Claymore) as Iwasawa (they can sing too!). I would be eternally grateful (and probably even get me to double-dip).



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