ANGEL's Darla no longer experiencing GLORY DAYS -

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ANGEL's Darla no longer experiencing GLORY DAYS

Kevin Williamson's midseason series is getting younger

By Carl Cortez     June 17, 2001

Julie Benz plays vamp Darla on ANGEL
© 2001 Sue Schnieder

After DAWSON'S CREEK and the short lived WASTELAND, SCREAM scribe Kevin Williamson is going back to the TV well with midseason replacement series GLORY DAYS for the WB. The show is a drama (no genre elements) but according to the Hollywood Reporter, the network is giving it a youthful makeover.

The news that affects us genre folk: ANGEL actress Julie Benz has now exited GLORY DAYS and the net is now looking for a younger actress to replace her. The Reporter also notes that Benz is expected to return to ANGEL next season as vampire Darla who will no doubt continue to torture the titular character all over again.


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