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Review Reviewed by Release Date
Adventure KidChris Beveridge07-10-2001
Angel Blade ReturnsChris Beveridge02-07-2006
Angel Blade Vol. #1Chris Beveridge03-08-2005
Beast CityChris Beveridge02-12-2002
Behind Closed DoorsChris Beveridge04-06-2004
Black WidowChris Beveridge12-07-2004
Blood Royale Xtreme Series EditionChris Beveridge07-06-2004
Blood ShadowChris Beveridge12-02-2003
Chains of LustChris Beveridge05-09-2006
City of Sin Xtreme Series Edition05-11-2004
Crimson ClimaxChris Beveridge05-10-2005
Crimson Climax Vol. #203-07-2006
Demon Beast Invasion Vol. #1Chris Beveridge07-25-2000
Demon Beast Invasion Vol. #2Chris Beveridge08-14-2001
Demon Beast Invasion Vol. #3Chris Beveridge10-09-2001
Demon Beast Resurrection Collection10-14-2003
Demon Beast Resurrection: PurgatoryChris Beveridge08-26-2003
Demon Beast Resurrection: Soul SurvivorChris Beveridge10-14-2003
Demon Warrior KojiTong Lin03-13-2001
Demon Warrior KojiGiaourus Ericus03-13-2001
Demon Warrior KojiChris Beveridge03-13-2001
Dream Hazard/PianistChris Beveridge02-11-2003
F-ForceChris Beveridge06-10-2003
FobiaChris Beveridge02-10-2004
Four Play04-08-2003
La Blue Girl Collection08-13-2002
La Blue Girl Returns Collection11-12-2002
La Blue Girl Returns Vol. #1Chris Beveridge04-09-2002
La Blue Girl Returns Vol. #2Chris Beveridge11-12-2002
La Blue Girl Vol. #106-11-2002
La Blue Girl Vol. #2Chris Beveridge07-09-2002
La Blue Girl Vol. #308-13-2002
Lady BlueChris Beveridge07-10-2001
Love LessonsChris Beveridge09-10-2002
Lunatic NightChris Beveridge01-14-2003
Lunatic NightMichael Thomas01-14-2003
Magic Woman MChris Beveridge01-08-2002
Maison Plaisir Xtreme Series EditionChris Beveridge11-09-2004
Mama Mia!Chris Beveridge04-08-2003
MasqueradeChris Beveridge09-11-2001
MasqueradeSean Kemp09-11-2001
Midnight PantherChris Beveridge11-16-1999
Midnight PantherJulian Yuri Tacher11-16-1999
Midnight PantherJim Lazar11-16-1999
Midnight Strike ForceChris Beveridge04-04-2006
Mystery of the NecronomiconChris Beveridge05-08-2001
Night Shift NursesChris Beveridge05-14-2002
Night Shift Nurses: Carnal Corruption Xtreme Series Edition11-08-2005
Night Shift Nurses: Clinical Confessions Xtreme Series EditionChris Beveridge09-13-2005
Night Shift Nurses: RN's Revenge Xtreme Series EditionChris Beveridge09-09-2003
Nightmare CampusChris Beveridge12-20-2000
Nightmare CampusGiaourus Ericus12-20-2000
Nightmare Campus Vol. #103-11-2003
Nightmare Campus Vol. #2Chris Beveridge05-13-2003
Nightmare Campus Vol. #307-08-2003
Nightmare Campus Vol. #510-14-2003
Nurse Me! Xtreme Series EditionChris Beveridge08-24-2004
Ogenki Clinic AdventuresChris Beveridge04-18-2000
Private Psycho LessonChris Beveridge03-09-2004
Professor PainChris Beveridge05-13-2003
Pure LoveChris Beveridge06-12-2001
SacrilegeChris Beveridge02-10-2004
Secret DesiresChris Beveridge06-18-2004
Sibling SecretChris Beveridge04-06-2004
Sin Sorority Xtreme Series EditionChris Beveridge05-11-2004
Slave Market Xtreme SeriesChris Beveridge06-18-2004
Spaceship Agga RuterChris Beveridge12-04-2001
Spaceship Agga RuterMichael Thomas12-04-2001
Sprite: Between Two Worldsrogerhelgeson02-13-2001
Sprite: Between Two WorldsChris Beveridge02-13-2001
Square of the Moon: Phase 1Chris Beveridge04-12-2005
Square of the Moon: Phase 2Chris Beveridge07-12-2005
Stepmother's SinLuis Cruz03-11-2003
Stepsister Xtreme Series EditionChris Beveridge09-21-2004
Teachers PetChris Beveridge10-09-2001
TemptationChris Beveridge10-11-2005
TriangleChris Beveridge04-10-2001
Twin Angels Collection12-03-2002
Twin Angels Vol. #1Chris Beveridge10-08-2002
Twin Angels Vol. #2Chris Beveridge12-03-2002
Twisted Tales of TokyoChris Beveridge02-11-2003
Urotsukidoji III01-16-2001
Urotsukidoji IV: Inferno Road02-13-2001
Urotsukidoji Legend of the Demon WombChris Beveridge09-21-1999
Urotsukidoji Legend of the OverfiendChris Beveridge08-17-1999
Urotsukidoji Perfect CollectionChris Beveridge01-18-2000
Urotsukidoji Perfect CollectionJulian Yuri Tacher01-18-2000
Urotsukidoji: New Saga CollectionChris Beveridge03-09-2004
Venus 5Chris Beveridge07-08-2003
VixensChris Beveridge12-02-2003
Xpress TrainChris Beveridge10-19-2004
Xtra Credit Xtreme Series EditionChris Beveridge07-06-2004


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Angel BladeCPM Distribution Sheet11/29/2004