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Anime Boston - Media Blasters

By Justin Richardson     May 28, 2006

New Licences

Zebra (live action)

New Kite OVA that they are co-producing

Information in regards to the new Kite OVA is scarce, however it is known that it will be a standalone OVA that is about 45 minutes and will focus its story on a new girl in a simular manner to the original story. More details coming soon, however a 2007 release date was given as a possibility.

GoaGaiGar will be released with an Artbox option as well as have at least 5 episodes on the first disc.

Media Blasters is looking at this having the potential to be shown on TV.

Media Blasters is currently looking past the new HD formats as they are not sure where the formats are going down the road.


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