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Anime Central - Manga Enertainment Industry Panel

By Justin Richardson     May 09, 2006

New Title Announcements



Tokyo Zombie

Castle of Cagliostro ReRelease Information


new digital transfer

5.1 audio

interview w/ MonkeyPunch

interview with head animation director


prod notes

New art is coming but pending licensor approval

Manga is trying to make the move boxart to make you think of this movie itself instead of just another Lupin film.

Street Fighter 2 Uncut

New digital transfer

2 audio versions will be used - UK version (along with 90s music) and the original Japanese version along with original JP music

Film will be full of Easter Eggs in which to unlock, you will have to input a series of button pushes - simular to pulling off moves in the game.

Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex (first season) boxset will be coming out after the last volume of Second Gig is released. Initally the standard editions will be boxed but they are looking into doing a limited number of the DTS sets as well. No tin box.

Second Gig will also get a box in the final volume. Not tin box. No more details.

Tactics was dubbed by ADV.


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