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Anime on DVD: Battle Athletes Victory Essential Anime Collection


BattleAthletes Victory. This show holds two very distinct honors. Not only is itthe first full sports anime TV series that has been licensed and completed inthe U.S., but it's also the first full TV series to have been completed inRegion 1 for DVD. Originally released in Japan as a six part OVA by Pioneer, it did well enough to warrant atransition to a full season TV series. The title was also quickly picked up by Pioneer in the U.S., to the point where theRegion 2 DVD's even contain the English dubs on them. To many, the series will undoubtedly look quite silly. And it isat many times. Taking place in the year 4998, it follows Akari Kanzaki as she isin the Antarctic Training School to earn the right to go to the UniversitySatellite. The Satellite is where the best of the best from the solar system goto compete to become the Cosmo Beauty, the ultimate ideal of sportsman, or womanin this case.The athletes, for what remains hidden for the majority of theseries, are only women as opposed to the OVA series where there was a match-upwith a boys University. Throughout the series many characters make their markand compete with each other, and with the exception of a very few sidecharacters such as the school doctor and the like, the majority of thecharacters are very well fleshed out.Whatis rare with Battle Athletes Victory is that in addition to being asports show, it's also quite a moral and spiritual show. As the characters maketheir way through the school competitions and later through a number of intenseUniversity competitions, the characters stray in their paths. Some lose theirfaith in themselves while others discover the true inner self and make gainsunheard of.And though there is a lot of faith and spirituality throughoutthe show, especially with the arrival of the Kris Christopher character, it'snever heavy handed or condescending. Many times during the more emotional areasone may find themselves feeling what the characters are. And that's a testamentto truly outstanding writing, especially for what many consider a throw-awayseries not worth their time.Battle Athletes Victory is a series that's too good.Television series are often a mixed bag, but many are attesting to great qualityin all regards for this show. From the animation to the voice acting to theextremely tightly plotted storyline. The eight DVD's that make up this seriesare definitely something that should be in every anime fans collection. It's anideal show to give to skeptics as something that doesn't fit the traditionalview of anime that often comes from the media and other places.   


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