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Anime on DVD: Essential Tenchi Muyo


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PokemonTenchi Muyo!Ifyou haven't heard about Pokemon by now, there are bound to be some people whoare extremely envious of you! Pokemon, originally title Pocket Monsters in Japanand retitled for obvious reasons here in the United States, has caught thecountries children by storm.Pokemon revolves around one very simply concept."Gotta catch 'em all!" In the anime, people of various ages set out toacquire all 150 Pokemon for their fighting collection in an effort to be aPokemon Master.Tenchi Muyo!Generally these seem to be preteens which of course helps lure the youthfulconsumer market to the show.But that's not to say the show is entirely forkids. Like many shows written for children in Japan, there are things thatadults can find entertaining and interesting about these shows. Set up in moreof an episodic format than a serial, we follow the adventures of Ash, Misty andBrock as they battle and acquire Pokemon. Ash's faithful Pokemon companion isPikachu whose trademark phrase of "Pika!" is quickly understood bymany. The allure of this cute yellow fellow is simply not to be underestimatedin any way.As the popularity of the show continues to grow through tradingcard games, videos, TV, Gameboy, N64 and many many more ways, Viz and Pioneerdidn't miss a beat to release the series on DVD. Now, as these are the U.S.broadcast episodes, they only contain the dubbed version. However many peoplewho have seen the original claim that there is really very little alteration atall, and the likelihood of seeing the subtitled version in the U.S. beingpractically nil, this is the only game in town.Not that your kids will care.They'll just want to collect them all.If you like Poke, you may find titles of interest in these categories:Children's/Comedy      


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