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Anime on DVD: Essential Tenchi Muyo


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Tenchi MuyoTenchi Muyo!Tenchi Muyo is the flagship title of Pioneer's anime group, and has been forquite a number of years. Tenchi essentially revolves around a young man namedTenchi, who through a variety of circumstances, ends up with half a dozen alienwomen living with him, his father and his grandfather.Tenchi Muyo!Sinceit's inception, the Tenchi universe has been presented in several incarnations.Originally released as a six part OVA, the show did so well that another sevenepisodes were released in the same continuity.When Pioneer made the shift from the OVA market to the television seriesmarket, they "remade" the continuity to seem similar to the OVAseries, but different enough that fans of the OVA wouldn't be sitting throughthe same thing again. The first series, named Tenchi Universe, ran for twentysix episodes and was followed up by the theatrical release of Tenchi Muyo InLove, and in 1999, a sequel to that was released.Pioneer took the same approach when they released the second series,diverging even further from the two previously established continuities. Thoughnot as popular with some of the more die hard fans of the OVA series, Tenchi in Tokyohas managed to gain a good level of popularity with the U.S. release.Tenchi Muyo crosses several different genres, from science fiction toslapstick comedy and romance. With well written stories, great humor and some ofthe cutest alien critters ever put to cel, it's no wonder that this show hasattained and sustained its level of popularity. If you want to learn more aboutthe series, be sure to read the TenchiMuyo Primer available here.If you like Tenchi Muyo, you may find titles of interest in these categories:Science Fiction/Comedy/Romantic Comedy    


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