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Anime on DVD: Otakon 1999 Travelogue


Otakon 1999 TravelogueSunday, July 4thWe get all our check out stuff done and over with by 8:30 so we can attend a show and then three panels. We head over around 8:40 to get in line/a good seat for the first show, but the Center is closed since things ran late last night. Ugh. A couple dozen people are standing outside the Center in the atrociously hot humid weather and many just give up and walk away. We did.Nadesico MovieWe finally get in just after 9 (start time for the movie) and get in line. Actually, we just sat on the couches in the main area while others got in line and waited for it to move. As it went forward at 9:30, we thought about the fiasco that the main event room had been all weekend and just passed on it and went to check out what was running.Door to Summer looks like an interesting but very strange show. It has an older feel and the designs seem to show it as it doesn't look like a retro show, but man was it weird. I can't even describe it. On the Horizon: A Look at What's ComingMatt Greenfield and Dan Pearsons showed up for this one. Guess what? They aren't sure what the panels about either. Planning planning planning! Always tell your panelists what the panel you're putting them on is about!A variety of topics were covered, with only a few about current/new shows in Japan. Matt went into Gasaraki and it's complexity (I'm aquiver waiting for this one). Naturally when he saw me with my hand raised for a question, he knew what it was.Gasaraki will be coming to DVD in the U.S.! Probably not day and date, but we'll be seeing it. We even planted the bug for the box to hold all the discs in with the first disc release. Hopefully we'll see this crop up.Dan showed a couple minutes of Mononoke Hime which will be great when it comes out in October. Dan continued to bother me. Urg. We head out around 11 to check out the ADV panel that was supposed to happen.ADV PanelPushed off till noon. Great. Well, we figured we dogged Matt enough today and probably got most of everything out of him.Central Park Media PanelThis was an unscheduled/update panel that appeared on Saturday night, so we were going to stay till 1 pm to catch it. I wanted to find out who was going to be on the panel, but nobody from the Staff could tell me. Rather than waiting around for two hours to probably find out that there was nobody we ended up taking off. After all, it is a nine hour drive home.In ClosingOverall, we had a good time that was marred by a few truly bothersome things. The panels were fun and I had a great time meeting a lot of people from the forum and the companies, putting a face to the names and the emails.The two concerts were great to see and the dealers room had a trove of things, both domestic and several region 2 DVD releases (everything seemed to be priced at list). We got very little in the dealers room, but scored some stuff that we wanted. I picked up a con shirt (kudos to whoever though that, "Hey, not all anime fans are XL" and got some larger sizes), the Berserk soundtrack (track 4, Gatts, is the coolest!), a Kimagure Orange Road wallscroll of Madoka playing the sax and some Pocky.With the size of the convention this year and the general enthusiasm of the crowd, I was very disappointed to see several companies altogether missing. Whether it was scheduling or just a shrug-off, it shouldn't have happened. The East Coast cons look to be growing extremely well, and the lack of someone from Pioneer, Viz, Manga, Urban Vision does not look good at all. Kudos to those who did come from across the country to participate, learn and enlighten. If I'm asked back next year, I'll definitely go!Previous Page


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