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Anime on DVD San Francisco Gathering As reported by Reikun The San Francisco gathering took place on Sept 9, 2000 in Japan Town. We chose to meet in from of Kinokuniya Bookstore. The planned meeting was for 11:00 pm, but I didn't arrive until 11:30 pm. I was immediately berated by Jim Lazar After waiting 20 more minutes for more latecomers, we took a group pics. I think there were 20 people at this point. I have forgotten a lot of names, you have identifiers as of right now. Reply to this post to id yourself, and I'll edit this as we get names. Around 5 other people showed up later, but I didn't get shots of them. sf_animedvd_groupshot.jpg (46144 bytes) Back Row: Vicki, Brandon Young, Primus, Nekonoko, Jim Lazar, LionRa, Urd, Otaku 3, Akai, Otaku 5, Sean Frost Front Row: orestesd, gmontem, 3SGTE, Sano, Ichigo, Otaku 6, Merliwolf, Shin Hinoe Very front: orestesd's daughter After taking that, I needed to take a picture of Urd especially for Megazone sf_animedvd_urd.jpg (58979 bytes) We then proceeded to lunch at Mifune, a noodle place. It was hard trying to find a place to feed 20 hungry otaku. We had to use two table unfortunately, as it was impossible to seat everyone at one. A wide variety of food was ingested, including sushim, udon, curry, eel donburri, and plenty other. sf_animedvd_resturant.jpg (28393 bytes) Now, that we were all full, it was time to shop! We headed back to Kinokuniya Bookstore, where I picked up two Newtypes and the bilingual CCS manga. There was plenty of manga out there for everyone to pick up. Some Inu Yasha, and Kenshin were picked up. After that, we headed over to Mikado Music Japan, where we checked out CDs and DVD's. A display of Region 2 DVD's dazzled us. The Utena movie, CCS movie, Memories, YUA arrest movie, and plenty others. I only picked up the FF8 Piano Collection DVD there. sf_animedvd_mikakomusic.jpg (28480 bytes) After that we heard to Japan Video store, for a look at Region one stuff. The store had both Lost universe vol 1 and 2 up for sale, though I did not see bgc2040. They were well stocked. After that, we stopped at a coffee shop for some refreshment. Plenty of green tea ice cream went around. For some reason, no one tried the shaved ice that was nearby. sf_animedvd_resting.jpg (42336 bytes) We were already losing people along the way, and this was the last part. The final few of us waved goodbye. A good time was had by all. After going to the Otakon gathering this year, and now this, it was great being able to put faces to some of the people who are part of the animeondvd community. Thanks goes to Chris for putting together such a great place to visit Reikun


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