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Anime on DVD


December 14th saw the first annual Christmas Party that took place in the very beautiful Omni Parker House in downtown Boston, Massachusetts. The event, running from 7 PM to 11 PM in the Brandeis/Holmes rooms, went over quite well from everything that was said by those who attended.Of course, every event starts off with a memorable quote, and this was no exception. As spoken by our music review, Tiffani, she kicked things off properly with "I rubbed it so much, the fur fell off". Here's the two rooms we had prior to everyone arriving Yours truly managed to avoid getting pictures of himself on his own camera, but I know they'll show up on others.
  The entire event would have never gotten off the ground if it wasn't for the tireless effort of our social coordinator, Rebecca, above in the black dress. The very attractive woman in the maroon dress is Riki, our site photographer and Divi-chan artist.  Beyond the food and drinks and good company, we also ran a Yankee Auction, which is where people who brought a gift (something between ten and fifteen dollars), took a number from a bag. The first person gets to open a gift and keep it. The second person opens one and can take the first persons gift or keep what they got. This happens for each additional person, until the very last person gets to choose from the entire room. At this point, the first person then gets the sweet pick of everything. Everyone had a lot of fun with this, since we also tied it to introductions as we had several new folks attending here and there were some great gifts in the pile. Tiffani Derek Elana   Chris Bob     MegaZone   Alex Joshua Tom   Randall This Missing Picture is of Kings Nads This Missing Picture is of Kings Nads     Elaine Jennifer   Riki Jeff Patrick Money thrown on the floor in front of Patrick after he started stripping Victor Victor admiring the cat ears and cat tail he's acquired       Adam If I missed your name above, let me know which picture it is. The night is something of a blur! The gifts people brought were definitely anime oriented for the most part. Several graphic novels, some anime discs (including the appropriately priced Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland). Stitch from the Disney movie appeared twice and I managed to spike the gift pile with one of several Armitage III: Dual Matrix lunchboxes I have, which caused some furious moments of exchanging to happen. What was truly evil was someone brought in a selection of small figures, one of which was King from Nadia. What's truly sick about this small figure is that they actually added his nads onto it. Curse those nads! All in all, the event was a lot of fun, from the talkative folks covering a wide variety of subjects to the insanity of everyone touching Derek's man-boobs at the end of the evening. Several people videotaped the Yankee Auction, so we may see that encode floating around the net someday. Thanks to everyone who attended the event, as you all were the ones I wanted to spend a Christmas holiday event with, and once again, a huge thanks to Rebecca for all her work in getting this event off the ground and for managing to get it in such a beautiful location.


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