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Anime Expo - ADV Films Fanservice Panel

By Erin Kincaid     July 03, 2006

David Williams, Matt Greenfield, Mariela Ortiz

This panel was much like the one earlier in the day " one new announcement, an episode showing of the new announcement, and some Q&A. Unfortunately the panel was a bit shorter than the previous one. Many of the questions asked were repeats from the earlier panel, so I have not covered them here. New information worth mentioning:

  • Paniponi Dash has been licensed.
  • Paniponi Dash will have ADVidnotes, and possibly also multiple subtitle tracks to allow one to view labeled signs and chalkboards " or not " according to preference. (There are a lot of these signs and labels in the background of the show, from what was seen in the episode previewed at the panel.)
  • Nerima Daikon Brothers songs will be dubbed in English since they are an integral part of the story.
  • The Cromartie High School manga was nominated for an Eisner Award.
  • ADV is looking at expanding its use of BitTorrent to push trailers and other content to the fans online since it has been well received by the fans.
  • Yes, ADV has "thought about" licensing more Nurse Witch Komugi, the Peacemaker manga, and the Fist of the North Star TV series.... But in all cases, ADV can neither confirm nor deny. What a surprise!


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