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Anime Expo - ADV Films Industy Panel

By Erin Kincaid     July 03, 2006

John Ledford, David Williams, Matt Greenfield, Mariela Ortiz

This was the "official" industry panel for ADV, and as such there was more swag to go around. Everyone who asked a question got a DVD or volume of manga. Still, since it was the third ADV panel of the con, there were yet again some repeats of the questions asked at earlier panels. I have not repeated those questions here. Panel points of interest:

  • Guyver has been licensed. A trailer was shown for it, but not a full episode. The first episode will be shown later at the convention in a video room, however.
  • The Anime Network is doing well " in fact, better than anyone expected. There are 24 million viewers via Video On Demand " more than the WWE channel has. In fact, the VOD requests for the Anime Network have been so overwhelming in some areas that servers have had to be upgraded to handle it.
  • The DVD extras for the 10th Anniversary Evangelion release have not yet been determined.
  • The Anime Network's DVD Dojo podcast is available through iTunes, as are some trailers.
  • There will be a "major announcement" about the live-action Evangelion movie this fall, but until then, everything is under a non-disclosure agreement. (It's now a running joke to time how long it takes for a live-action Evangelion question to get asked at ADV panels, by the way. This panel has the record so far for the longest wait " 17 minutes.)
  • Guyver will be released during the 4th quarter, probably October or November.
  • Someone asked about Battle Angel Alita, to which Matt responded that the fan would have to talk to James Cameron. He then said that he knows someone working on the Cameron project and has heard some interesting rumors. "The phrase 3-D has been mentioned, and I'll leave it at that."
  • Paniponi Dash has not yet been cast.
  • Mutineer's Moon is still in production.
  • What series produced by ADV has been the hardest to pronounce? Matt said Paniponi Dash and Azumanga. David said he's heard so many variations of Neon Genesis Evangelion that he's lost track.
  • More licensed goods will be coming out soon, such as Myth bags.
  • One of the more interesting questions asked was why there were no "adult themed items" available through ADV. David said, "You want porn?" The questioner then clarified " anime blow-ups dolls, that sort of thing. There was much joking around, especially about the concept of GetBackers condoms, but in the end the question was never really answered.
  • One fan asked if ADV has looked into supporting the creation of new chapters for old series. David said that they have discussed the idea of "finishing" Dragon Half and creating more Dirty Pair, but that so far there have been too many difficulties to really start such projects.
  • ADV's soundtrack releases are on hiatus at the moment " according to John Ledford, "too many people download." Alternative means of distribution are being looked at to combat this problem.
  • There is no Princess Tutu box set on the ADV schedule at the moment.
  • What is ADV's position on enforcing street dates? While ADV of course would prefer that the dates be adhered to, it is generally not worth the time and resources to track down and punish violators. They would rather spend the money on continuing to put out a quality product.

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