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Anime Expo - ADV Panel

By Andrew Tei     July 02, 2005

David Williams, Matt Greenfield, and John Ledford led the ADVFilms. This continues about how much more subdued this con is compared to the last two years.

Matt did live action first and mentioned Fuccon, a show shot using mannqeuins. I have no idea really what this is, I'm just reporting it. Shadowskill the TV series based. Michel was another title.

They also acquired Macross from Harmony Gold and are trying to the the music and effects track to do a dub.

In September, the dub verison for Sakura Diares with the missing footage will be released. In October, Godannar will be coming out. Loki and Ghost Stories will be coming out in October. For November, Shadowskill and the MOby Dick (annouced at AX2004) anime will be out. Also practically everything will be coming out again in thin paks.

Princess Tutu volume 2 should be coming out in the Fall, late October, early Novemeber. Kaleidostar second season will be coming out near the end of the year, beginning of next year.

In NewType, Lagoon is coming to an end, and Evangelion: ANgelic Days (Girlfriend of Steel 2).

Eva will be showing on Cartoon Network. Also, Peacemaker and Chrono Crusade on Showtime.

The Q&A seesion began. On Saint Seiya, there are currently negotiating for past volume 12, due to another company in

Japan starting to releast their stuff here. ADV passed on tactics, the anime.


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