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Anime Expo - ADV Sneak Peek Panel

By Jason Yeh     July 04, 2008

Hosts: Matt Greenfield

Matt started things by stating ADV staff didn't know about the Sneak Peek panel until they arrived at Los Angeles late the previous night. With little time to prepare, they decided to screen the first 2 episodes of Kiba. Matt commented that he knew he was going to be grilled with questions, but would not go into details and said they might announce something during their second panel at the convention. He mentioned some titles from Sojitz will stay with ADV, but others will not. The break-up with Sojitz has been long and slow, so they are still not sure which titles they will be able to keep. After the introduction, Matt took several questions before showing Kiba.

The first question asked was regarding blu-ray releases for older titles. Matt replied that it's an issue that ADV has discussed, but in the end they have wait for the Japanese companies to release blu-ray discs in Japan first. I inquired about how a certain specialty on-line anime store (RACS) posting on their blog about new dvd releases being put on indefinite hold. Matt referred back to what he said about the situation with Sojitz. For titles that don't remain with ADV, he hopes other US companies will rescue them and rehire the same dub production team for continuity.

One audience member asked if ADV would be announcing any new titles at the convention. Matt replied that they probably would not, but they have a couple licenses in the works and negotiations are still ongoing. He also stated that the company has 23 titles queued up in various stages. He even commented that anything could change during the convention. Another person asked if the company would be keeping some of their older titles like Orphen. Matt answered that any titles released before the Sojitz deal are unaffected.

Someone inquired about the Crunchyroll deal (NHK) and if ADV plans to release more anime thru ad supported streaming. Matt replied that ADV was one of the first companies to use digital distribution and that they will continue to do so. Another audience member asked where ADV stands with Geneon and Bandai out of the market. Matt was slightly confused and clarified the person must have meant Bandai Visual USA. He stated that Anime Network is doing well, but ADV had to close down Newtype USA / PiQ. In general, the company is slimming down.

Another person asked about future releases of Aura Battle Dunbine, and Matt replied that one would need to ask Sunrise about. gia from A Geek by Any Other Name inquired what affect the slimming down will mean for ADV Manga. Matt answered it is a separate operation and still ongoing. He couldn't provide details since the person running ADV Manga was not at the panel. The last question was regarding the recent liquidation and if ADV actually gave away free staplers. Matt clarified they had an auction because they moved their warehouse operations to Righstuf.

They were only able to screen only episode 1 of Kiba because the Q&A actually ran quite long.


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