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Anime Expo - Bandai Entertainment Panel

By Jason Yeh     July 04, 2006

Hosts: Ken Iyadomi, Robert Napton, Sam Maseba

Bandai started their panel right off with trailers of new licenses. In order of appearance:

  • Karakuri Kiden Hiwou Senki (Clockwork Fighters) " Bones' first anime series, vol. 1 out this Fall

  • Great Horror Family - 13 episode live action, comedy horror series out on Oct. 10

  • Cutey Honey Live Action Movie - 2007 release

  • Ghost in the Shell SAC: Laughing Man and Individual 11 OAVs - 2007 release

  • Ghost in the Shell SAC: Solid State Society - continuation of 2nd Gig, 2 hours long

  • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam movies 1-3 - premiering at Chicago Film Festival in which Tomino will make an appearance at

  • .hack//Roots - 2007 release, Bandai working on possible TV broadcast and promotional tie in with the. hack//G.U. videogames

Bandai also showed a trailer for Mai Otome, but made it clear that they are still negotiating on a contract for the show.

Their last announcement was for their manga division, and interestingly enough they have licensed the Witchblade manga.

After the announcements, they ran Q&A for freebies. Ken and Sam decided which questions were worthly of freebies. I noticed that they gave away a good number of Zentrix promo boxes. Here's some of the questions and answers I found more noteworthly:

  • One person asked if Bandai would consider releasing 2 dvds of Gundam Seed Destiny at a time as they have done with the previous Gundam series. Ken asked the audience what they liked better: 1 dvd per month or 2 dvds bi-monthly.

  • Another Gundam fan asked if the original OP song for Zeta Gundam might be included in a re-released boxset. Ken asked the Sunrise rep (president?) sitting in the back of the room, and she said they would think about it.

  • Yet another Gundam fan asked if Seed Destiny would air on TV. Currently there are no plans to air it the US, but apparently it will be on TV in Canada.

  • One person asked if Bandai has any plans to release thinpak style boxsets. Ken answered by saying that they like to try different types of packaging. He asked people in the audience what they prefer and many folks said, "thinpaks".


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