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Anime Expo - Bang Zoom! Entertainment Panel

By Jason Yeh     July 03, 2006

Host: Johnny Yong Bosch

Panelists: Tony Oliver, Stephanie Sheh, Alex Simon, Sandy Fox, Lex Lang, Steve Blum, Dorothy Fahn, Michelle Ruff, Julie Maddalena, Kirk Thornton, Julie Ann Taylor, Wendee Lee, Kristi Reed, Mami Okada, Patrick Rodman, Eric Sherman

The Bang Zoom panel started fairly late. Johnny Yong Bosch talked for a while waiting for more people to show up. He introduced the panel as the "Johnny Bosch Panel".

After showing a short promo trailer, Johnny introduced the many people on the stage. Eric Sherman then thanked all his employees and voice actors for showing up. He also thanked Bang Zoom!'s clients all their projects.

New shows Bang Zoom! is working on:

  • Tales of Phantasia

  • Tokko

  • Fate Stay Night

  • another title from Geneon they can't mention (Stephanie Sheh's directorial debut)

They then showed their usual demo of the dubbing process. This year they used IGPX for the demo.

Bang Zoom! also ran a raffle drawing to give away a few t-shirts, and each winner had to ask a question. The first winner asked "Who are you guys? " The second winner asked how Steve Blum got into voice acting. The third and last winner asked about the AX Idol voice acting tryouts.

Towards the end of the panel, they showed a AX Idol promo video and raffled off a few more freebies.


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