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Anime Expo - Broccoli International Panel

By Justin Richardson     July 02, 2006

Broccoli will be debuting at Otakon some Prinny caps that will be available for sale. (initally internal sale, then a wide release is planned)
2 New FLCL shirts - one should be in Hot Hopics now and the other will be coming out later this year. In addition, look for some new FLCL plushies throughout 2006.

Galaxy Angel Beta v.3 will be out in August.

They are currently working on the Juvinile Orion artbook. No ETA.

Kamui v.3 will street July 26.

The Disgaea one shot manga will street in September. In addition, the artbook - which is just a translation of the Media Works book in japan will see a release around this November. This hardcover book will street for 19.95. The fate of other artbooks/stories of NIS will depend on sales of these two titles.

Yoki Koto Kiku will be a Borders/Walden exclusive come its release in July. Wide release is slated for down the road.

Galaxy Angel 2 is licensed.

Kon Kon Kokon will see a Summer/Late 2007 release. Another license will be announced at SDCC per Square/Enix's request.

A little information from Q&A revealed that they do not have any part at this time in the Galaxy Angel PC videogame for the US. They had been approached for assistance but nothing has happened at this time.

Company wide was more or less focusing more on Manga. They have not yet decided on how to handle it - might just do 2 boxes. (1 with 4-5-6 and another with 1-2-3)

FLCL Ultimate Edition is taking longer than expected. Does not seem to be a normal repackage as they are working on some stuff that's hard to implement.


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