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Anime Expo - Central Park Media Panel

By Chris Beveridge     July 03, 2000

By Megazone

CPM has episodes 14-26 of Utena. They have the option on
episodes 27-39. And they are negotiating for the movie.

Remember how they put their sub VHS releases on moratorium? They're coming
back in the next few months for $14.95-$16.95, but not for long it would seem.

Starting later this year most of their new releases will be dub VHS,
sub/dub DVD. Yet again, they say sub VHS is simply dying fast. On a case by
case basis they may do a sub VHS - but only for the initial release
pre-orders. Limited time only. And it didn't sound like that would happen for
many releases. Personally I doubt they'll do it for long the way sub VHS sales
are going.

They are working on getting Agent Aika 5-8. All fan service, all the time.
I'd call it a guilty pleasure, but I don't feel guilty.

I asked John about La Blue Girl. It is indeed edited - but it wasn't
always. When they did their first VHS release in 1995 it was uncut. Then the
US passed a law in 1996 making it illegal to show any minor or anyone *who
appears to be a minor* in sexual situations. That bit is a huge grey area.
Because of the concern they cut the sexual scenes with the little ninja guy
because they didn't want to risk someone deciding he looked like a minor. That
law was just struck down in court. I asked him if they'd be putting the scenes
back in, but he said probably not. They are trying to get a new La Blue Girl
series that is going into production in Japan, and he said they've thought of
putting the missing scenes on those discs.

I only got a short look at their DVD catalog (he said they had them at
their booth - they didn't), so I don't have any dates - but Photon was indeed

He was asked about their dub only adult titles, and John said the DVD would
have subs - which apparently means they're doing them on DVD. (Since he hadn't
mentioned it before saying this.)

I forget which trade show or convention it is - but they're bringing over
the female lead from the Weather Woman movies to sign autographs and such. The
DVD box should have a number of extras.

About the early 'CPM' DVDs that Image did - those were a sub-license. CPM
can't redo A-Ko now, because Image has the DVD rights for now. CPM wasn't
happy with the discs either, and they are doing their own now. They may redo
those discs once the contract ends and they have the rights back.

John again stressed that when licensing things from Japan everything can be
a separate license - video, soundtracks, music, box art, credit blocks,
Internet rights, etc. Matt from ADV and Keith from Manga have also said much
the same thing - licensing isn't as simple as most fans make it out to be. You
don't just license 'the show', you have to negotiate for each little piece.


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