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Anime Expo - Central Park Media

By Andrew Tei     July 01, 2005

Central Park Media/ Be Beautiful panel hosted John O'Donnell, Masumi O'Donnell and Peter Tatara

John started out with what CPM has released this year. Blackjack was the first title presented. Shadow Star Narutaru

was the next Japanese title mentioned. Next up was what was coming up. Patlabor: The Series will be released in 3

boxets coming out in August (box 1 & 2: $39.95, box 3 : $29.95). Patlabor: New Files will be coming out in October.

It will be a boxset of all 16 episodes for $29.95. KakuRenBo will be released in October for $19.95. It's a

horror style movie, about a boy looking for his sister after she is taken away by demons, practically spirited away.

CPM made a big deal then for having a lot of their titles reduced to $9.95. A lot of complete series were reduced to

$19.95. And a lot of boxsets down to $29.95 - $34.95 (Now and Then, Here and There).

Next up, was the Be Beautiful line of manga from CPM. The target market for the US is mature female readers, college

age and higher. Currently in the market is Golden Cain (one standalone volume at $15.99), Selfish Love ( 2 book,

$15.99 each), and Selfish Love (1 volume at $15.99). Embracing Love volume 1 comes out in Septmeber, volume 2 in

December for $15.99. Finder Series 1: Target in the Finder is coming out on August 8, and volume 2 in November. Also

$15.99. Kizuna: Bonds of Love continues with volume 4 coming out in October and volume 5 coming out in December. The

Kizuna anime will be coming out August 9 (volume 1) at $14.95. Volume 2 will be coming out in October.

The Anime 18 label followed Be Beautiful. Square of the Moon, volume 1 is available now, volum 2 soon. Night Shift

Nurses volume 3 will be coming out in Septmeber and volume 4 in November. Temptation comes out in October. Those

titles are all $29.95. A lot of old hentai titles are being relased under the Anime HotShots label for $9.95 and

will be english dubbed only.

John explained that they will releasing manga slower in order to market the titles beforehand. Unlike the old days

of releasing a title then marketing, they will have to market beforehand then release the title. Shelf space is

limited in book stores, and books have to be sold quickly before the bookstore just returns the title back to the

publisher. This is due to the gluttony of titles today. Marketing has been hard since Viz rejects all the ads for

Yaoi titles that CPM has tried to be placed in Shoujo Beat. Utena DVDs will be repriced in 2006. A question was

asked about chapters being removed in their Be Beautiful, (the 14 year old) and said it was due to legal issues in

the US. And John then said, if you want it, just go to Amazon Japan to buy the uncensored version.


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