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Anime Expo - CMX Panel

By Sakura Eries     July 06, 2008

The CMX Anime Expo Industry Panel took place July 5, 2008 at 5:30 p.m. The panel consisted of CMX's head editor Jim Chadwick, licensing director Asako Suzuki, art director Larry Berry, editing coordinator Sarah Farber, and freelance editor Ed Chavez.

CMX provided the following schedule for upcoming releases:

  • Just Released: Shirley (a 1-shot maid story created by Mori prior to Emma)
  • Just printed and soon to be distributed: The Flat/Earth Exchange (a 4 volume series)
  • In a few weeks: Batman Death Mask Manga issue No. 4
  • September 2008: Girl Who Runs Through Time Volume 1
  • October 2008: Batman Death Mask Manga tankobon (with issues 1-4)
  • October 2008: Go West!
  • October 2008: Classical Medley
  • October 2008: Astral Project
  • October 2008: Suihelibe (All Ages, 2 volume series)
  • November 2008: Girl Who Runs Through Time Volume 2
  • January 2009: Fire Investigator Nanase
  • February 2009: Jihai
  • Spring 2009: Venus Capriccio
  • Early 2009: The Name of the Flower (a 4 volume series)
  • 2009: Ballad of a Shinigami (a 3 volume series)

    CMX also mentioned that 3 volumes of Emma will be released in 2009 to conclude the series.

    In addition, CMX announced the launch of the CMXtra, their new monthly email newsletter. This newsletter will include CMX news items and previews of upcoming releases. Those wanting to be added to their distribution list should go to


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