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Anime Expo - Go! Comi Panel

By Sakura Eries     July 06, 2008

The Go! Comi Anime Expo Industry Panel took place July 5, 2008 at 11 a.m. The panel consisted of Go! Comi representatives David Wise, Audry Taylor, and Mallory Reaves. In regards to manga, their main promotion at AX was for their new series 07 Ghost (pronounced "seven ghost"), created by the same mangaka as Loveless. This series was originally scheduled to be released in January 2009, but they have moved up the release date one month to December 2008.

Other new titles announced were:

  • Days of Cool Idol (a BL idol title coming this fall)
  • Bound Beauty by Mick Takauchi (this fall)
  • Crown by You Higuri (a shojo title to be released January 2009)
  • March of the Red Death (book to be released in October). In regards to March of the Red Death, the panel stated that pre-orders are available on their website, and that buyers will receive a signed copy of the book if they pre-order on the website.

    Go! Comi also mentioned that You Higuri will be resuming Cantarella December 2008 and currently anticipate having the next volume released in 2010.

    However, the most interesting presentation at this panel was the premiere of O-Play, which Go! Comi has been promoting on their website. O-Play is online gaming along the lines of dating sim. Most simulation games currently available are more about building statistics, but the O-Play games are plot games along the lines of "choose your own adventure." Go! Comi is currently working on three games, and we got a sneak peek of Dragon Academy, a game about a girl trying to unravel her mysterious past. These games will be completely online and presented in an episodic fashion. No launch date has been announced yet; all that the panel would say in regards to that was that it would be very soon. The first "chapter" for each game is free, and the gamer will be charged per additional chapter played. However, a subscription payment option will probably be offered once more game chapters become available.


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