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Anime Expo - Digital Manga Publishing Panel

By Sakura Eries     July 05, 2008

The DMP Anime Expo Industry Panel took place July 4, 2008 at 5 p.m. The panel consisted of Rachel Livingston, DMP sales and marketing manager, and Ben Applegate, head of Pop Japan Travel, the travel arm of DMP.

The first portion the panel consisted of Rachel Livingston announcing the release schedule for DMP, which is as follows:

July 8, 2008: Fafner Dead Aggressor Novel

July 8, 2008: Knights Volume 1 (a rated 16+ series to be sold at $9.95)

August: Enchanter Volume 9

This fall: Flamboyant Illustration Artbook (shrink-wrapped)

This fall: Megami Deluxe Volume 2

She also announced that DMP has acquired the following new titles:

UtaHime-Princess's Song

OverClock: Once in a Blue Moon (to be sold at $9.95)

Ghost Hunt Scramble

Tale of a White Night (Shojo)

1 Sakura Hill

Lyrica Nanoha Strikes

RH Plus

Time for Magic

The following titles have been acquired for Doki Doki, DMP's new manga line featuring Shinshokan titles:

Princess Princess +

Happy Boys (shojo)

Wolf God


Crimson Cross

Millennium Prime Minister (shojo)

The second portion of the panel, presented by Ben Applegate, focused predominantly on upcoming tours planned by Pop Japan Travel, which restarted in February 2008 after a hiatus. Pop Japan Travel held its first yaoi and Lolita fashion tour in April 2008 and, judging from its success, will continue offering Lolita and J-fashion tours.

Pop Japan Travel's next tour, "Mind over Manga," will take place August 21 through August 27, 2008. It will include meetings with the art director for Princess Mononoke and the art staff for Girl Who Leapt through Time and the opportunity to be a part of a booth at the Comitia dojinshi event.

Reservations for the "Mind over Manga" tour will be taken until July 14, 2008. The cost of the tour is currently $2198 (however, with the cost of travel going up, this price is likely to go up very soon) and includes airfare from LAX and hotel. A land package is also available for this tour, and those interested should inquire through the website. There are optional excursion packages to Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima for additional cost.

Pop Japan Travel is also planning a tour of Tokyo game shows in October and Sapporo Snow tour in November.


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