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Anime Expo - DMP Presents Izumi Kawachi and Mini Interview

By Funakupo     July 04, 2006

I attended the panel and had a chance to sit down with Miss Kawachi and her editor for 10 minutes on the second day of the convention. She was very relaxed and eager to endear herself to her American fans. In the panel when her love for video games was mentioned there was a lot of discussion about what her favorites were and why. She answered all the questions happily with very little reserve. I found this to be very charming, and while I had not read Enchanter at that point I immediately picked up a copy for myself because of how incredibly likeable she is. The interview itself was very cozy. Miss Kawachi comes across as very sure of herself, confident in her abilities and her work.

And now on to the write up:

Serial Manga series Enchanter was released July 1st. There will be a 6 month exclusive contract with Borders Bookstores for this title. AX attendees were able to pick up copies of Enchanter vol 1 from the DMP booth.

Izumi Kawachi was discovered at a Super Comic City convention where she was drawing a parody doujinshi of the Legend of Zelda. Her style of artwork and storytelling soon landed her some shared works and 1 shot stories until her schedule allowed for a full fledged involved storyline: Enchanter.

Her other serial manga Sai Drill launched in May 2006. Sai Drill is a comedy based around an old wive's tale about children who die before their parents and the demons that taunt them in hell.

When asked what sets Enchanter apart from its competitors she stated that Enchanter has a sexiness not present in other works. The bickering dialogue between the two main characters is sweet, almost sibling-like which keeps the sultry advances of Eukanaria balanced out. Miss Kawachi states she enjoys drawing Eukanaria the most because her impulsiveness comes out in her actions, making it easy for her character to be sketched.

The mix of machinery and alchemy is very appealing to Miss Kawachi, both being such strong material by themselves. She finds balancing the both of them in this series very exciting, reminiscient of her love for RPGs.

When asked if the Enchanter storyline is thoroughly mapped out beginning to end she replied that while she has a definite direction for the series she lets the energy of writing the story guide her. This makes it suprising and interesting to her as well while working on each installment.

While having no formal art school training she has been writing in depth stories for several years and flushing them out with her artwork. She made the side comment that in school, art was her least favorite subject.

It was noted that many fans of her work thought she was a male for a long time and were shocked when they found out otherwise. When asked if this was intentional she laughed, stating it had been the same in Japan. She was curious if her style lended itself to that idea.

The panel and interview wrapped out on similar notes: she loves writing her stories and loves that she has the chance to share them with others.

And yes, she was visiting Disneyland before returning to Japan.


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