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Anime Expo - FUNimation Full Panel Report

By Erin Kincaid     July 02, 2006

Hosted by Lance Haskell, Jonathan Brands and Mike McFarland

The Funimation crew likes to give a lot of information up front rather than rely on Q & A. The Fullmetal Alchemist movie trailer and intros for Beck, Black Cat, and Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid were shown during the panel. Lance and Jonathan also discussed the following, some of which is a review of previously known details:

  • The Funimation Channel is already available in the Los Angeles area for those with digital TV receivers. The Funimation web site has information about how to get the Funimation Channel in other areas.
  • Speed Grapher's first volume will be out on July 4 (and is already on sale at the con).
  • Negima's first volume comes out August 1st. The limited edition box is hard (looked almost like wood, and perhaps it was), has a magnetic closure, and comes with a small figure.
  • Basilisk's first volume will be out on August 8th. It can be purchased with a guillotine-style hard box that comes with an art scroll.
  • The Trinity Blood box was shown, and it looks fantastic! It is hinged in the middle and has art both inside and outside the box.
  • Kiddy Grade box set will be released on July 25. It will come with 48 collector cards.
  • The Tenchi Muyo: GXP box set will be released on August 15.
  • Samurai 7 Volume 7 will be released on July 25 and can be purchased with an "ender" box (as opposed to a starter box).
  • FMA release dates coming up are as follows: FMA V.11: 08/05, FMA V.12: 09/05, FMA V.13: 09/12, FMA Movie: 09/12.
  • Burst Angel and FMA figures will be released soon. FMA and Fruits Basket trading cards will also be released soon. There will be two Fruits Basket decks, one of which can be used as a standard set of playing cards. There is a pair of FMA tennis shoes in the works " Lance already has a pair.
  • All major characters in FMP: TSR will be dubbed by the same actors that worked on FMP's first season.
  • New Announcements: Solty Rei, Glass Fleet.
  • Acquisition Confirmation: Witchblade.
  • Funimation has no current plans in motion to do HD releases because of the competing formats. Once things settle down, they will look into it again.
  • Chris Bevins, Talesin Jaffe, and Mike McFarland are directing Beck.


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