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Anime Expo - Geneon Entertainment Panel

By Jason Yeh     July 03, 2006

Hosts: Stephen Tang, John Bailey, Terry Ho

New Licenses: Black Lagoon & Paradise Kiss

Stephen started the panel off with a short speech. He quickly transitioned to a series of trailers and video clips of current and upcoming shows. Many of the videos included the dvd menus. Here's a list in order of what Geneon showed at their panel

  • Strawberry Marshmallow

  • Elemental Gelade

  • Gun X Sword

  • Kotoko Live DVD

  • Last Quarter (live action movie)

  • Princess Raccoon (live action movie starring Ziyi Zhang)

  • Barefoot Gen (dvd will have both movies 1 & 2)

  • Zipang

Geneon then showed some additional trailers including Ergo Proxy, which they stated will be out in November 2006. To the delight of many fans, they showed an English dubbed trailer for the Hellsing Ultimate OVA. The dub is being produced by New Generation Pictures and will have the same cast as the TV series. The first dvd will be out on 12/05/06.

Geneon showed a trailer for their first AX license announcement, Black Lagoon (release in 2007).

At this point in the panel, Geneon brought The Indigo onto the stage. The female singer wanted to see a baseball game while in the US for AX, so she went to see the Angels play. She proudly held up an Angels banner and put on an Angels cap she got during the game (the audience clapped and yelled approvingly). The Indigo then answered questions from the audience for about half an hour.

After The Indigo left the stage, Geneon showed even more trailers

  • Cold Dimension (live action)

  • Disgaea (dub trailer)

  • Hello Kitty: Stump Village (claymation show coming out in October 2006)

Geneon ran a raffle drawing to giveaway some dvds, then showed a trailer of their last license announcement, which was Paradise Kiss

Last but not least, they ended the panel with some Q&A. One person asked if Geneon would be getting the Paradise Kiss ending credits song. Stephen stated that they would try. Another person asked if there was a release date for Fate Stay Night. Stephen referred to one of his colleagues, who said that Fate Stay Night vol.1 is scheduled to come out on 11/14.


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