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insaneben 7/3/2009 12:18:52 PM

"The future is to reformat the IP’s with other mediums in mind. Think broadly and consider video game, film, and accessories down the line. As it stands, the circulation of manga as a printed model is not a good ultimate model."

I don't like that suggestion. Placing tie-ins ahead of artistic creativity and originality will only serve to drag manga as an art form down even further (especially in the States, where it gets no respect). It's bad enough to try and enjoy reading manga without facing the old "Manga is for kids" comments from people too dumb to know better. If I walk into a bookstore one day only to discover that all the volumes of, say, Aria, Pluto and 20th Century Boys have been replaced with copies of Grand Theft Auto 4- The Manga (coming soon from Tokyopop... NOT, thank goodness), I'm packing up my bags and moving to Germany (Japan's too far away and German's an easier language to understand).

Also, isn't there an old adage that says "People would rather not read long reams of text online"? Sure, online manga might seem like a good idea at first, until you realize that there have been fan translations and scanslations online for at least a decade. Sure, it's not a good time for the print industry, but I'd rather have a well-drawn, lengthy manga in the palm of my hands than spend hours staring at a screen while slogging my way through each individual page, hoping my eyesight won't give out past page 50. Until the day that everything has officially gone digital, the print industry is not dead, and anyone who says otherwise is blowing things out of proportion. (That goes triple for whomever decided to cancel Anime Insider, jerk.)



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