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Anime Expo - Production I.G. Panel

By Jason Yeh     July 03, 2006

Host: Maki Terashima-Furuta

Maki started off the things by mentioning there would be a big announcement at the end of the panel. She also mentioned that Lance Henriksen (Bishop from Aliens) would be showing up to talk about his voice dub work in IGPX.

Maki then showed several trailers / clips of new shows. In order of appearance:

  • xxxHOLIC

  • Le Chevalier D'Eon

  • Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society movie

  • Guardian of the Sacred Spirit (Seirei no Moribito)

  • Dine and Dash

Dine and Dash is a wacky comedy movie starring lots of various Japanese industry people in it, including composer Kenji Kawai). Since Lance still had not arrived to the panel, Maki showed the Dine and Dash trailer again.

Lance finally showed up about 40 minutes into panel and went straight into Q&A. At the end, Maki gave away a bunch of freebies and made the two announcements:

  • Production IG is involved in the "Mylene Farmer" music video
  • A "Parapara" anime is being developed and she solicited feedback from fans of it as to what they'd like to see in the show

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