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Anime Expo - TOKYOPOP Full Report

By Funakupo     July 03, 2006

Website revisions are coming plus online exclusives.

Some series suggested checking out, coming in September/November

Busgamer, Kazuya Minekura's corporate thriller

Laya the Witch of the Red Pooh

The Dreaming volume 2 in November

Off Beat and Steady Beat, both have volume 2 coming in November

Embalmer series is launching in August. Six Feet Under fans would like this gritty family manga

Jim Henson Project:

Return to Labyrinth (sequel to the movie) coming in August

Dark Crystal manga art debuting at Comicon. Manga eta 2007

New Announcements:

"Nosats" Junkie

Soul Rescue

Kilala Princess

Wild Adaptor (launching in February)

More of Somedays Dreamer

Gakuen Heaven

Sex Pistols (tentative title)

Tokypop picked up series dropped by some other companies; they will be re-releasing then continuing forward.



Aqua (2 volumes in 2007)

Confirmations for the Pop Fiction Line:

Scrapped Princess

Kino no Tabi

Chain Mail

Calling You

Gravitation 2

Trinity Blood novels: Tokypop confirmed they have all 14 novels, both RAM and ROM.

They will be releasing them simultaneously so 1 and 1, 2 and 2 etc.

Twelve Kingdoms: Confirmed to have all of the novels.

The panel ran long so there was only time for just a few Q&A

Q: How have the Gundam properties been doing?

A: Not very well in the sales

Q: What happened to the Spiral manga?

A: Issues with Square-Enix have several series on indefinite hold

Q: Will Kilala Princess be unflipped?

A: Still in discussion but currently that is likely. If it ends up being split in two then the MSRP will be adjusted accordingly.

Q: Kino no Tabi has a lot of artwork. Will the release keep most of it but still be marketed as a fiction novel to bookstores?

A: Going to keep as much of the artwork as possible but yes, complete novel marketing.

Q: Do you have the entire Crest of the Stars novels, all arcs?

A: Know they have at least 6 of the novels presently


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