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Anime Expo - TOKYOPOP Panel REport

By Andrew Tei     July 02, 2005

The TOKYOPOP panel was hosted by Louis Reyes and Lilian, both editors.
They started off listing their current hot

manga: Beck and Sakura Taisen.

Then came a list of upcoming titles they wanted to mention like Blame!,
Saiyuki Reload, Girls Bravo, Kamichama Karin, <b>Psychic Academy
Anime</b> (subtitle only, 12 episodes 10 minute each, volume 1 of
2) /Manga (another manga by the manga ka, to be announced soon) Bundle,
Devil May Cry, Kingdom Hearts, Lights Out (manwha), Samurai Champloo,
The Telepathic Wanderers, Ark Angels (manwha), The World Exists for Me
(The World of S&M, Story by Be-Papas, art by Chiho saito),
Tsukuyomi Moon Phase, Dragon Head (Art and Story by Minetaro Mochizuki,
1/10/2006), Flower of Eden (Art and story by Yuki Seutsugu, 1/10/2006),
Dazzle (Tenko Yugi, Art and Story by Minari Endo, 1/10/2006), Sengoku
Nights (Art by Kaoru Ohashi, Story by Kei Kusunoki, 1/10/2006), Ultra
Cute (Story and Art by Nami Akimoto, creator of Miracle Girls,
1/10/2006), Kami-Kaze (By Satoshi Shiki, 2/7/2005), Loveless
(2/7/2006), Mitsukazu Mihara: Beautiful People (Feburary 2006), Rose
Hip Rose (from Tohru Fujisawa, creator of GTO, 3/7/2006), and Battle
Club (by Yuji Shiozaki, March 2006).

Next up, they went over their novels: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
(10/11/2005) and Scrapped Princess (11/08/2005).

New acquisition also include.


Asagiri No Miko

Buss Gamer

Kino No Tabi(novel)



Rozen Maiden

Then by announced a new line, BLU, their Boys Love Line.


Shinobu Kokuro: Hidden Heart

Love Mode

Wild Rock


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