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Anime Expo - VIZ Media Panel

By Andrew Tei     July 03, 2005

The VIZ Media Panel was led by Anthony Jiwa Director of marketing
and  Liza Coppola

VIZ Media Company Update

VIZ LLC and ShoPro Enterntainment merged, forming VIZ Media, LLC. Owned
by Shogakukan, Shueisha, and ShoPro Japan as of April 1st.

Inu Yasha the Movie 3

4 Week, nationwide mobile theater tour There will be free screenings of
it in Wal*Marts in 15 markets. Stadium seating, air conditioning, 90

Tour Stops include:

Seattle Area, WA

Bay Area, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Phoenix, AZ

San Antonio, TX

Lincoln, NE

Wichita, KS

Hammond, IN

Clarksville, TN

Birmingham, AL

Atlanta, GA

Chesapeake, VA

Secaucus, NJ

Quincy, MA

DVD 9/6/2005. First 100K copies include an exclusive TCG card

Kamikaze Girls

Live action movie, originally a book by Novala Takemota. Music by Yoko
Nanno. In NY, LA, and SF films festivals. Will be released in theaters
in about 20 markets. 9/9/2005 release date in East Village in NYC, then
LA, then other markets.

Fall New Releases

Zatch Bell, 11/06/2005. New volumes every 3 months, 4 ep/vol, $19.98

Maison Ikkoku Box 6 10/25/2005 (7 before June 2006)

Saikano Complete Collection 11/08/2005

Inuyasha TV Season 2 11/08/2005

New Acquisitions

Saikano OVA - not even out in Japan, from Chise's point of view

Inuyasha Music - TV and music soundtracks

IY Movie 3 OST available with movie DVD at Best Buy


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