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Anime & Manga Review Round-Up For 02/25/2010

Don't miss a beat with what we review every day

By Chris Beveridge     February 25, 2010

Omamori Himari
© Crunchyroll

Every day we bring out a number of reviews from the anime and manga pile as we cover the books, the DVDs, the Blu-rays and streaming shows. With most reviews up in the morning, we do slide in a number throughout the day as well, particularly when it comes to streaming shows. And that means they get knocked off the top of the page pretty quickly and things may slide by. We'll have this list handy to help highlight what's new every day towards the end of our review posting schedule so you can be sure you didn't miss anything we've covered:

School Rumble Vol. #13

Sakura's making her way through this series from Del Rey Manga, which we've seen released in anime form from FUNimation. This time it's close to Christmas and Harima is doing his best to win the heart of Tenma, though it only earns him a B from Sakura.


Romeo x Juliet Vol. 1

Bryan's stepping into a modernized classic as Gonzo's interpretation of Romeo & Juliet is brought to the UK by MVM Entertainment. Unlike the US release, this is getting split out into four  volumes instead of two collections, but that doesn't take away from the work itself as it scores well from Bryan in these first six episodes.

Eureka Seven -good night, sleep tight, young lovers-

Chris has a lot of material he's been working on in the last week that's going up today, starting with a look at this latest Blu-ray high definition release form Bandai Entertainment. Originally set for January, it's due out the first week of March and he doesn't think too highly of the drastic changes made to the world, story or characters, even as beautifully animated as it is.

NANA Collection 3

Chris has worked through another twelve episode series, this time from Viz Media that came out towards the start of February, as the anime adaptation of the Ai Yazawa manga continues. This is the set of episodes that forcibly matures most of the core cast of characters as they work through a difficult situation, one that changes the mood of the series significantly, which is why it earned just a B..

Dragon Ball Season 3 Box Set

As much fun as the show is, even when it drags out a little too long, a thirty one episode box set takes some time to go through! Another one of the titles Chris has been working on since it's release earlier this month, this is the set that takes us back to the Tenkaichi tournament and introduces some characters who will be prominent for years to come..

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episode 45

The latest installment from the series hit through the FUNimation video portal today and it's more set up, but the kind of set up that really does feel like it's getting everything moving again. With a lot of the cast gone for awhile as the focus has been smaller, this is the one that takes us back to Central, Briggs and the Eastern command to show how everyone has managed to work together under the Fuhrer's nose.

Omamori Himari Episode 8

The second streaming episode that's out today, this time from Crunchyroll, has Chris looking at a catgirl and a lot of fanservice. Along with a healthy dose of predictability, but that's what Himari's been about since almost the start, which is why it struggles to get a C on most weeks.



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