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Anime Network Queues Up New Week

By Chris Beveridge     April 08, 2010

Yozakura Quartet
© Sentai Filmworks

Anime Network is talking about their plans for the next few days for the shows that they have on tap and there's some new things out there to be aware of. First up is the news that the new show that they're bringing to their online player is Yozakura Quartet:


"When Demons Walk the Streets,the Cops Need to Recruit More Demons!  In a town where humans and demons co-exist, it takes more than a normal police force to maintain the peace.  Enter the Hiizumi Life Counseling Office, a fantastic foursome of unique teenagers, each gifted with an amazing super power!  Since it sometimes takes real demon-fire to fight demon fire, the first three quarters of the team aren't exactly human:  Ao, a cat-eared telepath; Kotoha, a half-human conjuror and Hime, descended from a dragon (and the town's acting mayor,) all of whom also happen to be delightfully female. Rounding out the group is the token male and human, Akina, the office director and "Oyakume," capable of banishing spirits permanently (and from their point of view quite fatally) via a process called tuning.  They may not look as impressive as some other superhero teams, and they certainly don't have the most dynamic name ever, but come hell hounds or high water, but they WILL defend their city in YOZAKURA QUARTET!"

The first episode premiers today at their site through the online player. Also new on their site this week are two more new dub episodes for the popular show Clannad as episodes five and six get their debut as part of the new dubs made by Sentai Filmworks.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao is continuing along as well and it's interesting to pick out the differences in translation and approach between Anime Network's stream at 1pm ET and Crunchyroll's stream at 2pm ET. So far we're definitely liking TAN's approach with translated songs and at least some sort of credits translation at the end, never mind the hour earlier broadcast time. The lengthy series name continues to frustrate some but we're just going with Ichiban at the moment in order to save a few keystrokes, which saves power. Do your part!

The schedule for shows from Anime Network for the rest of this week has been listed thusly:

Thursday, April 8

  • Clannad ep. 5:  The Scenery With a Carving
  • Clannad ep. 6:  The Older And Younger Sister's Founder's Festival
  • Little Snow Fairy Sugar ep. 21:  The Lonely Two
  • Maria Holic ep. 10:  A Flat-Chested Error
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena ep. 33:  The Prince Who Runs Through The Night
  • Special A ep. 19:  Voice.  Scoundrel
  • Super Gals ep. 47:  Kasumi Is Cozy! - Dream Coat!
  • Tears to Tiara ep. 17:  For My Friends
  • The Skull Man ep. 8:  The Maiden Whispers in the Moonlight
  • To Love RU ep. 11:  The Golden Darkness
  • You're Under Arrest TV ep. 27:  File 27: ABC driving school!
  • Yozakura Quarter ep. 1:  Cherry Blossoms Bloom

Friday, April 9

  •  Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao ep. 2:  Strange Surveillance Agent

Ichiban looks like it could use some company...



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