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Breaking: Catwoman, Bane confirmed for DARK KNIGHT (Article) - 1/20/2011 9:04:54 AM

What's with all the Hathaway haters?  First off, she is beautiful.  Maybe not in the sultry, exotic kind of way, but again, the press release doesn't mention Catwoman, just Selina Kyle.  I would rather see Hathaway in the role than some slutty supermodel who can't act her way out of a paper bag.  ALSO, I seem to remember a fairly large number of people against the casting of Ledger as the Joker, and regardless of your opinions on that film I think we can agree he was one of the best things about it.  I think Nolan knows what he's doing in regards to casting.

TV Wasteland: Being Human%u2026 Again (Article) - 1/19/2011 3:41:16 PM

Look, I get that commercials are obnoxious, but I'm sick of Rob complaining about it in every single column.  You're watching movies on TV; commercials are part of the deal.  The stations have to make money somehow.

Breaking: Catwoman, Bane confirmed for DARK KNIGHT (Article) - 1/19/2011 3:27:33 PM

I like the idea of Anne Hathaway in anything, because I love her and think she's a fantastic actress.  I notice other news sights are pointing out the fact that the press release doesn't ever mention Catwoman, though, which brings up the interesting idea that Selina may not don a costume.  I have trouble believing that (similar to how Venom wasn't confirmed to be in Spider-Man 3 until the second or third trailer was released), but it's an interesting idea.

I find the announcement of Bane shocking.  Besides the fact that I don't see Tom Hardy as Bane (probably the lack of muscle), I don't see what interest the character holds for Nolan.  He's generally been portrayed as a brute, even though I know he was introduced as a master schemer in the comic.  Maybe I'm still smarting from how poorly Bane was handled in the generally atrocious "Batman and Robin," but I'm not excited by his announcement at all.

Will SUPERMAN Return to SMALLVILLE? (Article) - 11/23/2010 1:44:46 PM

Yeah, the character description makes it sound like the beginning of the movie at least is going to be based on Birthright.  I liked it as an origin story, but like most people on this site, I really don't care to see another big screen origin story.  And the idea of Luthor having spent time in Smallville still doesn't sit right with me.  I thought the comic handled that as best they could, given that it was clearly mandated by DC to bring the comic origin more in line with the current live action incarnation of the character, "Smallville."

I'm hoping this is a mislead.  Especially because if it isn't, then yeah, David Goyer is getting a lot of undue credit for coming up with a new take on the character.

Walking Dead: Vatos Review (Article) - 11/23/2010 9:52:06 AM

and @ Jakester - I completely agree, the actress playing Andrea gave an amazing performance.  Her grief is really what sold the moment.  But I also spent half the scene thinking "Don't get her blood on you, you're gonna get infected!"

I also assume there's some sort of reason the camp was suddenly attacked by a swarm of walkers after being pretty safe up until then, right?  Comic readers, don't spoil it for me, a simple yes or no will do :-)

TV Round-Up 2 (Article) - 11/23/2010 9:47:18 AM

Although I do not personally watch the show, it sounds like there are enough people here who enjoy "Supernatural" that it really should get an expanded review.  And I would imagine "Fringe," being a show that seems to encourage discussion among its fans, deserves it's own review each week too.  I don't think this is unreasonable, because at most that is 4 full reviews per week, down from the dozen or so Mania was having to produce (and as pointed out, "Walking Dead" is practically over).  Other than that, I think the mini-reviews for the other shows work just fine.

Also, it's a ways off, but I think True Blood deserves full reviews when it comes back next summer!

Walking Dead: Vatos Review (Article) - 11/23/2010 9:35:12 AM

Before I comment on the episode, I do want to take a minute to thank the Mania staff for switching back to full reviews for this show.  The TV Round-Up was the stupidiest idea ever, and we ripped into you guys for it, but it's nice to see you took that to heart and gave us what we were looking for.

As for the episode:  holy freakin' crap!!  It was so good!  And I was legitimately surprised by the zombie attack at the end.  After spending four hours cautiously watching every dark corner of the screen, the series still managed to lull me into a false sense of security before ripping the rug out from under me.  The attack at the end of the episode was truly horrific, and not in the gore=horror way so many modern horror films seem to ascribe to (although there was a lot of gore). 

Why oh why are there only two episodes left?

Harry Potter: Book Vs. Film, Part 3 (Article) - 11/20/2010 7:27:52 AM

Of all the films, I was most disappointed in this one initially because I found it so radically different from the book.  However, I will give the filmmakers some slack as I do feel the book is almost entirely exposition and set up from the final book, and we all know exposition isn't the most interesting thing to watch.  Upon rewatching the film recently, I've come to appreciate it a lot more, and think it is a very good piece of filmmaking.

However, the one thing I cannot forgive is the omission of the funeral.  It is one of the most beautiful pieces of writing Rowling has ever done, and so inherently cinematic, I can't understand why it was cut.  I suspect this may be the one time in the film series' history where the producers said "We're not giving you the money to do that."

Oh, and one more slight complaint:  the necessity of having an actor actually speak Dumbledore's last words robs them of their ambivilance, because the intention behind them is much clearer.  This was unavoidable, but also robbed fans who hadn't read the book of one of the most heated Potter debates ever (do you remember how passionately people argued about Snape's true motives in the years between the sixth and seventh books?).

Harry Potter: Movie Review (Article) - 11/20/2010 7:17:08 AM

This movie was a solid A.  Those of you who are complaining about missed details would never be happy with any film adaptation.  Yes, it would have been nice to hear Dudley's last words to Harry, but as that moment has no bearing on the overarching plot and serves primarily as character resolution for someone who has all but been written out of the lastest films, it makes perfect sense to cut it.  The only really major thing I noticed was missing was all of the exposition about Dumbledore's past, which we may still get in the second film.  And if we don't, I don't know if it's detrimental to the film.

Harry Potter: Book Vs. Film, Part II (Article) - 11/18/2010 11:43:41 AM

First off, I want to make it known that I adore the books.  I truly do.  However, it really rubs me the wrong way when fans of the books whine and moan that every single detail from the books didn't make it onto the screen.  It is called an adaptation, people!  Novels excell at certain things, movies excell at different things.  Exposition isn't that hard to handle in books, whereas movies do much better with visuals.  Given the length of the later books in the series, I don't see how anyone could possibly expect all of the details to make it onto the screen, barring a 12 hour plus movie.  In fact, I personally feel that the greatest fault with the first two films is there slavish adherence to a point by point recreation of the book, often leading to near glacial pacing.

With few exceptions, I think the films have been really smart about what is cut and what is included.  Yes, SPEW is a very large portion of the Goblet of Fire book, but it neither affects that book's main plot nor does it become more significant to later novels.  I do think it was a mistake to leave out the origin of the Marauder's Map.  I think cutting Dobby from films 4-6 will rob "Deathly Hallows" of some resonance.    But overall, the films have done a great job of preserving the spirit and intention of Rowling's work and characters.

For example, upon first viewing of the film version of "Half Blood Prince," I had trouble seeing beyond the amount of material which was cut (which I'm sure will be addressed in the next part).  But rewatching it again more recently, and being mentally prepared for what has been cut out, it is still a damn good movie.  The extra info provided by the book is great and I'm glad I know it, but the film works fine with what's there and people who haven't read the books won't know the difference.

Also, I think you should rewatch Goblet of Fire again.  Barty Crouch Jr. admits to placing Harry's name in the Goblet, so you can't count that as a knock against the film.  I believe the actual line is something along the lines of "Do you think your name would have come out of the Goblet of Fire if I had not made it so?"


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