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Aniplex USA Sets Durarara!! Release Dates

The popular anime series gets all three sets listed at once

By Chris Beveridge     October 15, 2010

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Aniplex USA, which is selling its wares for this series through both the Bandai store and Right Stuf, has listed out its plans for all three sets of the series with a total retail price of $150 for the bilingual release, which is pretty comparable to other companies releasing shows of this length in this format. Instead of the typical two releases, it's three though and a bit more overall but still within a realm of reason for many, especially when discounts come in. Aniplex USA has made sure that it's not available just from one location this time, though they still need to expand their retail channel offerings in the eyes of many who favor other stores for various reasons.

Cover Art Title Release Date Runtime Price Studio Format
Durarara!! Part 1 01-25-2011 225 mins $49.98 Aniplex USA
Durarara!! Part 2 03-29-2011 225 mins $49.98 Aniplex USA
Durarara!! Part 3 05-31-2011 225 mins $49.98 Aniplex USA


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FullMetalPrinny 10/24/2010 2:46:27 AM

to this day I love this series, when my freind gave me this link to the episodes I have just been a huge fan where I bought alot of Durarara items from Japan. I still want a celty statue but this series is just awesome I will buy the DVDS (hopefully Blu Ray) when they are released but I've watched the series like 3 times now.



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