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Another Side Of The Line Drawn Through My Life And Times

4/11/2008 3:00:37 PM permalink

Those that know me from myspace were able to follow me here.

There I've usually ranted about bad and non communicative agents, various lyrics to Jimmy Buffett tunes, bemoaned how my cats are shedding all over the place, posted various examples of various screenplays.

A movie recommendation or two has even appeared, not to mention some philosophical discourse here and there on pop culture and history, and it's all placed alongside theories, experiences, and stories of the paranormal.

Here my photo is of Galileo, who is still officially a kitten, even though at six months he was much bigger than his 2 year old uncle Phantom, who died just about this time last year when Galileo was born to his sister Spooky.

There is my picture, with an example of how I try to manipulate and enhance images to a certain degree.

But a brief example of all the things I've written (and will eventually write) will be listed here:

Summertime Blues (comedy)
Summertime Blues II: Cruel Summer

The Life And Times Of Igor (mockumentary)

Interesting Times
Part I: The Fountain of Light
Part II: Almost Unreal
Part III: Amazing Things
Part IV: What The Devil Made Me Do
Part V: Time Shall Unfold...
Part VI: ...What Plighted Cunning Hides (working title only)

Sweet Dreams: A Sandman's Story

And, if I'm fortunate, this line will no longer read "As Yet Unmentioned Stephen King Adaptation."

But only if I'm fortunate. If so, then pour the wine. If not, oh well. I won't lose sleep over it.


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