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Most Anticipated Comics2Film for 2009

Worley makes his top picks for '09 season

By Rob Worley     January 07, 2009

Nite Owl, Silk Spectre and Rorschach in WATCHMEN (slideshow)
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With The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Wanted, Hellboy II and, of course, The Dark Knight, 2008 Comics2Film movies took the ass-kicking of Hollywood to new levels. We can't really expect 2009 to top that. Nonetheless, here are the top picks for 2009 that gets our blood boiling.



Name a tougher sell than adapting one of the best loved graphic novels of all time. A year ago nobody wanted 'Watchmen' made. Since then Zack Snyder and the Warner PR machine have flipped the script, rolling out photos, videos and road shows. They even parked the Owl ship at Comic-Con. Now name a film where the buzz is louder. Who watches the Watchmen? Everyone!

WARNING: Have we seen too much already?

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Big, noisy and loaded with CGI characters that outshine their human counterparts. 'Transformers' was the movie Michael Bay was born to direct. This year he's at it again with bigger, badder Decepticons exploding at us in 3D!

WARNING: 50/50 probability of story-free CGI.

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After 'X-Men: The Last Stand' there was a sense that fans were ready to move on from Fox and Marvel's mutant franchise. But the December trailer sparked some renewed interest by spotlighting action beats with the hero fans have been clamoring for since movie one: Gambit!

WARNING: Will fan fatigue keep moviegoers away?

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While Marvel has mostly dominated the big-screen superhero market, DC has upped the ante on animated features with Justice League: The New Frontier and Batman: Gotham Knight. Here's hoping 'Wonder Woman' gives the most iconic lady superhero her chance to shine once more.

WARNING: No're a wonder, Wonder Woman.

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Lesson learned, Summer 2008: If you're gonna have a Hulk movie, he'd better be smashing the crap out of stuff. Marvel aims to try again with this double feature of animated short films in which the green giant throws down against Wolverine and Thor. We'll be sitting ringside.

WARNING: What? No Hulk Vs. Thing?

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In a world lacking sci-fi elements (kinda like the real world) an average kid asks, "Why does everyone want to be Paris Hilton but nobody wants to be Spider-Man?" A hero is born as 'Kick-Ass'. Matthew Vaughn aims to bring the comic to the big screen before Mark Millar' and John Romita Jr. finish the comic book itself.

WARNING: Fans keep complaining the costume looks like it was made by a 15-year-old...even though it's supposed to!

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Also coming in 2009:

Astro Boy, G.I. Joe, Dragonball, Thor Tales of Asgard, Iron Man Armored Adventures... 







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almostunbiased 1/7/2009 5:46:31 AM

I am totally hyped for Transformers 2.  Not sure why because the first one wasn't that great, though I do enjoy it more each time I watch it.  I'm still excited about GI JOE as well, though that one scares me more than Trans.  I think Watchman and Wolvy will both kick ace, but will the story be good.  That's what I am really nervous about.  I know the stories are there, but what did the directors do with them.

I couldn't care less about any of these others.

myklspader 1/7/2009 7:01:03 AM

With the exception of “Watchmen” and depending on how the next Transformers looks in the trailers and teasers, I am not really into seeing the rest of the movies on the list. I still think the Wolverine movie looks lame even though I saw another trailer for it (I think it was a new one… see, my point the first was seemed stale I ignored it completely). 

redhairs99 1/7/2009 8:00:32 AM

I think's there's only been the one trailer out so far for Wolverine, but I might be wrong.

What's the deal with the ET clip?  All it shows is the prep work and the flight to the set of Transformers 2 and then nothing...just more crap about Travolta's son dying.  Not to be insensitive (it's sad the kid died) but could we please move on with our lives.  There are bigger more important things going on in the world that we should be concerned about aside from Travolta!

Hobbs 1/7/2009 8:55:44 AM

I don't think you should put cartoons as upcoming movies...just my opinion.

Transformers 2 will be entertaining I'm sure.  The first one was a popcorn flick.  This, I'm sure, won't be much different. 

The thing that worries me about the wolvie trailer is that it starts out great, almost epic, then they have him leaping 100 feet in the air on a of Electra cross my mind.   That part just looked really lame to me.  They should have followed Singers mold on trying to keep everything as real as was possible.  Not really sure about all the super dudes in this one either...kind of looks like a variety show. 

violator14 1/7/2009 9:26:19 AM

Are u guys crazy?? Transformers 2 is gonna be freaking mind-blowing, especially with the success of the last film, the studios are gonna give an unlimited budget for Michael Bay.

Constructicons and Soundwave in 3D!?!?! Thats gonna be the sickest movie of ALL TIME!!!

almostunbiased 1/7/2009 1:43:10 PM

I'm not a cartoon lover either, Hobbs, but some love them, and they are cartoon movies released to dvd so why not?

As far as the 100 feet jump, it's not a jump he was flung into the air from a vehicle.  People do fly a hundred feet from car wrecks so why not?

Transformers is in 3d???  I did not know that.  Nor do I care, but still I'm surprised.  3D just seems cheesy to me.

hanso 1/7/2009 5:33:45 PM

3 movies I'm looking foward this year.



Public Enemies.

Harry Potter 6.

Wait how many was that?

raulendymion 1/8/2009 12:28:02 PM

Not expecting much form Transformers ROTHF, but it should be good popcorn fun. Mixed feelings on Wolverine; on the one hand I want it to be successful so there will be other X-Men origin films, on the other Fox has really cheesed me off with their nefarious (ok, maybe not nefarious) attempts to delay Watchmen.

Speaking of Watchmen: I have huge expectations for the movie but fear it will be a bit high-brow for many.

Anyway you slice it summer ’09 will not compare to ’08, how could it?



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