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Bale, Batman, and $50 Million?

Could he return? Should he?

By Robert T. Trate     August 15, 2013
Source: EW

I’ve been waiting for any sort of official news on this topic Maniacs. Trust me, as I have not been ignoring the rumors that Christian Bale has been offered (again) $50 Million dollars to return to the role of Batman. 

Now there is a ton of news from unauthorized books (Beyond Batman: The Unauthorized True Story of Christian Bale and His Dark Knight Dilemma) and tabloids (British Sun newspaper) on the subject. What I want from you Maniacs is your opinion on the topic. Should Bale return for 1 or 2 films as Batman? Sure, he could do the Man of Steel sequel and the first Justice League Movie but then what? Warner Brothers would have to recast Batman. Shouldn’t Warner Brothers just establish a new Batman now? He certainly is the right age in what Warner Brothers is looking for in the Man of Steel sequel. 

Mania is following this story on Bale’s possible return to the iconic character. Now we want your opinion on should he or shouldn’t he be Batman. Sound off below! 


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jedibanner 8/15/2013 10:59:38 AM

I've seen this today also, seems far fetch that such a high number would be given to Bale...and let's be honest, JLA movie would never beat the Avengers in $$$ amounts so, not sure having Bale in a JLA movie would bring in the crowd they think it would.

hanso 8/15/2013 11:07:39 AM

 Bale aint got time for Batman, he has to free the Isrealites from Egypt.

RobertTrate 8/15/2013 11:23:43 AM

 I've read hanso, that Exodus will not interfere with the MOS Sequel. He has no project lined up after Exodus. 

axia777 8/15/2013 11:39:28 AM

I am still against the idea as they need a new Batman for the new DCU movies. But if it did happened I would be ok with it too on some levels. Bale still rules as an actor. All they have to do it ditch the retarded voice and actually make bale's Batman be the World Greatest Detective. That is all I want.

jedibanner 8/15/2013 11:43:38 AM

How is the voice retarded axia777? If the guy would talk with his voice people would know him right away. That's why in these movies with Bale reality and logic is a bit more present then the goofy Burton movies.

axia777 8/15/2013 11:48:48 AM

@jedibanner - I get the reason why he did it. That is not the issue. The issue is that he sounded like he was talking with a mouth full of gravel. LOL that is retarded. Sorry, it is sad but.

redhairs99 8/15/2013 11:57:10 AM

All these rumors came from that Unauthorized book and have been taken out of context.  The story in the book was about these guys seeing Bale at a party or something and saying how WB would probably pay him $50 million to reprise his role as Batman.  That's what I've read about the story, so it really has no basis in reality.  And being that this is a published book, the story is likely a bit old too as in before the Superman Sequel announcement at SDCC.

I personally wouldn't mind it either way.  I thought he was great as Batman (gritty voice and all).  I agree with Jedibanner.  The voice was a necessary part of hiding his identity.  That said, he didn't really need to continue using the voice when in costume and talking to someone who knows who he is, but still.  I didn't mind it and thought it worked for the character.

redhairs99 8/15/2013 11:58:15 AM

But I do think, they should go with a new Batman if they plan on carrying on this new version for the next several years and spanning a number of new flicks.

cinemaman72 8/15/2013 11:58:24 AM

If Bale returns as Batman. I'm fine with it as I feel that he is/was the Best Batman to ever don the cowl! And please stop complaining about the voice!!!!

axia777 8/15/2013 12:03:37 PM

Why should I stop complaining about the voice? It was fine in the first one. In the second movie it was so over the top it was ridiculous. I am not the only one that thought so. In fact, most people who saw the second Nolan Batman movie thought so as well. All I am saying is that they need to tone it down a bit.

I also think it is funny how people who worship bale as Batman get their panties all in a bunch anytime any one criticizes him in the slightest way. LOL

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