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  • Distributor: JAKKS Pacific

"Apollo Creed from Rocky II"

Ain’t gonna be no rematch

By Carlos Mejia     February 04, 2007

Apollo Creed from Rocky II
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JAKKS Pacific has had an enormous amount of success with the WWE license and early last year they acquired the license of the Rocky film franchise. Capitalizing on the film’s sixth release Rocky Balboa an action figure line was planned with each wave focusing entirely on one Rocky film at a time. With nearly 10 figures (or more) to be released with each wave, JAKKS was certainly hoping this series to take off huge, unfortunately it seems as if the line is falling on deaf ears. Despite that, the battle damaged Apollo Creed figure from Rocky II is a solid figure.  

First it’s pretty cool to say that you own an Apollo Creed figure. With the exception of Rocky, Apollo is perhaps the most popular character in the franchise’s history. In Rocky II, Apollo comes bruised and banged up after losing to the “I-talian Stallion,” as he would say it. Creed’s hair is shorter in series 2 as opposed to series one. Even though series one Creed had the memorable red, white and blue boxing shorts, Creed’s red and white garb is just as good as any other costume. Creed comes with a jacket, towel and 18 points of articulation. The detail on the figure is very well done and the same goes for the entire Rocky series. The likeness of the characters head sculpts and the differences from each film is perfectly done, especially when it comes to the bruises and cuts. Since this will be the last Apollo Creed figure until Rocky IV (where he dies from the hands of Ivan Drago) it’s great to have and to remember Creed before he dies tragically in the film.  

The biggest downfall for these figures is that they look too similar to WWE figures. In fact if you took off the heads of each Rocky figure, they look like a WWE figure just with boxing gloves. The body types are identical and it’s odd to have two completely different toy lines look so much alike. Despite that, the Rocky figures are solid figures and if you’re a Rocky fan then this line is a wet dream for you.


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apollocreedtravels 7/29/2008 2:23:45 AM
I strongly, wholeheartedly disagree with a B rating! We have had more fun building http://apollocreedtravels.com with our Apollo Creed in Training than anything else ever in the history of me having toys! All you need is a little creativity!


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